03:31:27 <heath> i was asking about a blog engine written for happstack, is anyone aware of one that isn't private? *cough*stepcut*cough* ;)
09:42:09 <JuanDaugherty> heath, it's a fairly trivial app so you're supposed to use it or something like it to cut your teeth on the package
13:59:30 <stepcut> JuanDaugherty: it's not really that trivial
14:00:18 <JuanDaugherty> well not like "hello worl"
14:00:20 <JuanDaugherty> d
17:09:08 <stevenmarky2> How do you use the nulldir function?
17:26:13 <McManiaC> foo :: ServerPart Response; foo = do { nullDir; ok $ toResponse "Moep!"; }
17:26:58 <McManiaC> @ stevenmarky2
17:38:42 <stevenmarky2> Thanks.