10:11:28 <mxc> anyone ever get a linker issue when building happstack-data?
10:11:29 <mxc> unknown symbol `_sybzmwithzmclasszm0zi6zi1_DataziGenericsziSYBziWithClassziInstances_dataTypeZMad6eZN_closure'
10:11:37 <mxc> i tried cabal install syb-with-class --reinstall
10:11:40 <mxc> didn't help
16:01:32 <siracusa> mxc: Someone had the same error some time ago, I'm not sure what the solution was.
16:01:54 <stepcut> mxc: cabal install happstack-data -O0
16:06:13 <siracusa> Ah, stepcut already has it :-) Here's the ticket for some mote information: http://hackage.haskell.org/trac/ghc/ticket/3799
16:06:22 <siracusa> more
16:06:30 <stepcut> yeah, 'tis an annoying bug :(
16:11:17 <mightybyte> Last time I saw errors like that, it was because I didn't put all my non-exported modules in the other-modules section of my .cabal file.
16:14:18 <stepcut> the error is due to a bug in cabal
16:14:50 <mightybyte> Ahh
16:15:25 <stepcut> when it builds the documentation, it rebuilds some of the .o files and changes  what symbols get exported