12:50:18 <tommc> Hi. What's the recommend way of getting happstack running on arch? The package in aur fails due to the QC<2 (seems to be common).
12:55:15 <rdtsc> did you try cabal install or something Arch-specific?
12:56:25 <tommc> Tried to stick with arch specific.
12:58:36 <rdtsc> cabal update && cabal install does it almost without problems
13:18:29 <tommc> rdtsc: That unfortuantly yields a HSX dep error... I think I saw this in the mailing list so there might be a work-around.
13:28:57 <rdtsc> more precisely it _did_ the task one or two months ago =)
21:07:56 <harlekin> How come I can use ask and put for modifying data in MACID, but I cannot use e.g. modify?
22:23:51 <stepcut> harlekin: what error do you get ?