07:49:43 <xak466> hi im having trouble installing happstack. cannot configure HJScript-0.5.0, requires hsx-0.7.0; hsx-0.7.0 excluded because happstack-0.4.1 requires hsx >=0.5.5 && <0.6
07:50:06 <xak466> help
08:14:43 <McManiaC> xak466: you can use explicit versions with cabal install
08:14:53 <McManiaC> cabal install hsx-0.5.5
08:21:17 <xak466> im on debian 5 using the sid repositories. does it matter what version of ghc im running?
12:32:54 <McManiaC> mightybyte: ping
12:49:44 <McManiaC> stepcut: how can I get Happstack.Server.Cookie to use ".foo.tld" as domain?
12:50:17 <McManiaC> if I just use 'Cookie "1" "/" ".foo.tld" key val False' with addCookie nothing gets added at all
12:59:24 <mightybyte> pong
13:00:10 <McManiaC> hm yeh
13:00:20 <McManiaC> I thought its an happstack-auth issue
13:00:42 <mightybyte> Ahh.  Got it worked out?
13:00:46 <McManiaC> not yet
13:00:48 <McManiaC> see above
13:01:10 <McManiaC> if you log in at my site (npaste.de) you'll only get a cookie for npaste.de not for .npaste.de
13:01:19 <McManiaC> so if you go to foo.npaste.de you'll be logged out again
13:01:20 <McManiaC> :>
13:04:36 <mightybyte> Hmmmm...
13:05:22 <mightybyte> What are you using for the timeout?
13:23:09 <xak466> hi I'm trying to install happstack-tutorial on a debian box. I have HJScript-0.5.0 already installed, but I still get the error "cannot configure HJScript-0.5.0. It requires hsx >=0.7.0" when I try to run cabal install
13:23:19 <xak466> help
13:32:40 <stepcut> xak466: hmm
13:33:22 <stepcut> how did you install hjscript and hsx ?
13:33:33 <Entroacceptor> don't help, release .5 ;)
13:33:48 <xak466> hi
13:33:53 <xak466> i think i got past that problem
13:34:03 <xak466> by modifying the .cabal files
13:34:08 <xak466> now i have a diff problem
13:34:16 <xak466> i'm trying to install happstack-helpers
13:34:30 <xak466> but Crypto-4.2.1 is having problems with my QuickCheck-2
13:34:32 <xak466> help
13:35:29 <xak466> Entroacceptor: what is release .5?
13:41:11 <stepcut> what did you have to modify in the .cabal file? I am hoping to release the darcs version of happstack today specifically to address install problems..
13:42:09 <xak466> well
13:42:20 <xak466> i modified cabal file for happstack-0.4.1
13:42:42 <xak466> happstack-0.4.1: took off the <0.6 for hsx dependancy
13:43:15 <xak466> also modified container- set dependancy for base to >= 4
13:44:23 <stepcut> k
13:44:33 <xak466> im not sure if they are documented or correct
13:44:33 <stepcut> I think we fixed those issues in head
13:44:47 <xak466> ok
13:44:50 <xak466> im not very sure what head is
13:45:04 <xak466> but now im having trouble installing happstack-helpers
13:45:32 <stepcut> xak466: head == the latest version of happstack from the darcs repository
13:45:38 <xak466> ok thanks.
13:45:42 <xak466> im new to darcs
13:46:20 <xak466> now im having trouble installing happstack-helpers,because Crypto wants to use QuickCheck >2, but many other packages use QC < 2
13:46:34 <xak466> sorry, Crypto wants to use QC >=2
13:46:40 <stepcut> yeah, that is trouble
13:46:59 <xak466> so at the moment happstack-tutorial wouldn't install
13:47:09 <xak466> but i was able to get happstack-0.4.1 working
13:47:18 <stepcut> you can either install happstack-helpers via, runhaskell Setup configure --local && runhaskell Setup build && runhaskell Setup install
13:47:38 <stepcut> or you can install an older version of Crypto that uses QC1
13:48:13 <xak466> ok
13:48:15 <xak466> i'll try the older version
13:49:23 <isaacsu> is there a release .5 coming soon?
13:56:08 <stepcut> today perhaps ?
13:56:49 <isaacsu> cool
14:00:55 <stepcut> but, happstack-helpers is not part of happstack itself, so it won't help with that at all
14:02:01 <isaacsu> stepcut: no problem. i installed an older version of Crypto and it works for now
14:02:08 <stepcut> cool
14:05:28 <raymonvw> stepcut, mind me pm'ing you?
14:05:37 <stepcut> go for it
14:49:50 <stepcut> ugh
14:50:32 <stepcut> I added support for serializing the types in Data.Time, but now I realize the patch requires base 4.2, and GHC 6.10 comes with base 4.1 :(
14:51:05 <stepcut> not sure I want to require ghc 6.12 yet
15:18:37 <stepcut> ooo. fixed. :)
15:23:45 <shapr> ACTION hugs stepcut 
15:38:10 <stepcut> ACTION boings
16:25:37 <stepcut> k, I think the darcs version of happstack is releaseable
16:40:27 <shapr> Yay!
16:41:15 <stepcut> actually, need one more patch
17:32:23 <mightybyte> Is anyone working on sharding support?
17:36:43 <stepcut> mightybyte: not that I know of at the moment
17:36:53 <stepcut> mightybyte: do you have a need for it ?
17:37:36 <mightybyte> No, not really, but I would definitely love it if there was progress in that area.
17:37:48 <stepcut> mightybyte: I believe lemmih (and Alex?) had a plan for it, but nothing active at the moment
17:38:25 <stepcut> yeah, the happstack foundation needs to generate some $$ to pay for happstack summer of code or something ;)
17:38:52 <mightybyte> Heh
17:40:27 <mightybyte> IMO, MACID is happstack's biggest contribution, but it seems to have taken a back seat to general web dev stuff.
17:42:59 <stepcut> yeah
17:43:20 <stepcut> not forever though..
17:43:53 <mightybyte> good
17:44:08 <stepcut> would help if someone had a real site that was big enough to actually need sharding ;)
17:44:31 <mightybyte> Yeah.
17:44:46 <mightybyte> Mine actually is if I restrict myself to 256meg linodes.
17:45:13 <stepcut> :)
17:45:35 <stepcut> is two 256meg linodes cheaper than 1 512?
17:46:01 <mightybyte> I'm pushing a gig.
17:46:37 <stepcut> would sharding bring down your costs though ?
17:48:36 <mightybyte> The prices shown on linode.com are linear, so no.
17:51:14 <stepcut> I guess the issue is that they max out at 2880MB ?
17:51:21 <mightybyte> Yeah
17:51:39 <stepcut> when will you hit that cap?
17:51:59 <mightybyte> Probably not for a long time.
17:52:04 <stepcut> :)
17:52:28 <stepcut> it would be nice to have sharding support though, because saying we can do it is not as convincing as actually having something in place ;)
17:52:40 <mightybyte> I went up to 800 megs quickly, but I've been using a plan with 900 for 6 months or so.
17:53:05 <mightybyte> Although it's starting to cause problems, so I either need to reduce the space needs or upgrade.
17:53:13 <mightybyte> Yeah
17:54:08 <stepcut> someone needs to figure out how to use the memory profiler stuff to really understand memory usage in happstack apps
17:55:11 <stepcut> someday I will need to address these issues with the apps I am doing for work.. but right now my effort at work is focused on getting the apps to the point that it is a problem that needs solving ;)
17:57:56 <mightybyte> Yeah, but there's a chicken and egg.  Nobody is likely to write an app that needs sharding before there is a working implementation.
17:58:40 <mightybyte> But yeah, the memory issues need addressing.  My app shouldn't use anywhere near the amount of RAM that it's using.
18:00:09 <stepcut> I am likely to write an app that needs sharding before there is a working implementation :)
18:01:01 <stepcut> right now I am tied up with trying to making it use to build javascript UI elements :(
20:39:48 <sclv> anyone build happstack with 6.12 yet?
20:39:54 <sclv> I'm getting bad results
20:40:54 <sclv> not with the build (which works) but the server itself isn't working properly.
20:48:05 <aavogt> how does it not work?
20:49:02 <aavogt> in my limited testing, there are no problems with happstack-server-0.4.1, ghc-6.12.1
20:49:25 <sclv> right. but 6.12.2
20:49:43 <sclv> I think there's an issue with how crlfs are translated by the iomanager changes
21:00:26 <sclv> or buffering...
22:16:14 <stepcut> sclv: I use 6.13 all the time
22:16:30 <stepcut> what is wrong with the server?