03:10:42 <mightybyte> stepcut:
03:10:43 <mightybyte> examples/ConnectDemo.hs:12:7:
03:10:43 <mightybyte>     Could not find module `FacebookConfig':
03:10:44 <mightybyte>       Use -v to see a list of the files searched for.
03:11:03 <stepcut> when did you get that ?
03:11:07 <mightybyte> Just now.
03:11:12 <mightybyte> installing happstack-facebook.
03:11:19 <stepcut> running cabal install ?
03:11:30 <mightybyte> Yeah
03:11:54 <stepcut> oh, I bet it is not listed in the extra-source-files or something
03:12:46 <mightybyte> It looks like it's just an example that fails.  Everything else looks ok.
03:14:33 <stepcut> yeah
03:15:20 <stepcut> I should probably set that to not be buildable by default anyway, since it requires you to edit FacebookConfig.hs
03:18:30 <rdtsc> twww.e1.ru
03:20:02 <stepcut> attempting to upload a fixed version, but hackage is taking its sweet time
03:20:37 <stepcut> also, if you are using the latest hsx (0.7.0), I have not added the pcdataToChild method yet for FacebookT. Not sure if that will cause trouble or not...
03:20:57 <stepcut> plan to do it after I get happstack 0.5 out
03:21:20 <mightybyte> I had some issues with hsx, but I think when I just issued "cabal install hsx" manually it cleared up.
03:21:25 <stepcut> which is blocked on Niklas applying my patches
03:21:34 <stepcut> what sort of issues ?
03:22:48 <mightybyte> can't remember
03:35:59 <stepcut> must not have been very tramatic then
03:36:31 <stepcut> this upload is still waiting for hackage
03:40:37 <mightybyte> Yeah, I fixed it locally for now.