16:04:18 <stepcut> shapr: *boing*
16:05:44 <shapr> hiya stepcut !
16:06:02 <shapr> I'm playing with my new laptop, hope to have more ability to code now that I'm mobile!
16:06:13 <stepcut> shapr: yay! you going to finish your facebook app ?
16:06:22 <shapr> unlikely, since I'm bailing from facebook
16:06:30 <mightybyte> You too? :)
16:06:38 <stepcut> shapr: oh right ;)
16:06:50 <stepcut> shapr: be sure to refriend me when you come back :p
16:07:09 <shapr> haha
16:08:39 <Entroacceptor> stepcut: have you seen?
16:08:48 <Entroacceptor> 18:07  * hackagebot hsp 0.5.2 - Haskell Server Pages is a library for writing  dynamic server-side web pages.   http://hackage.haskell.org/package/hsp-0.5.2 (NiklasBroberg)
16:08:57 <stepcut> oOo
16:13:01 <stepcut> ACTION is doing final installs
16:50:21 <stepcut> ok, sent in an HCAR entry ;
16:50:22 <stepcut> :)
17:00:23 <shapr> yay!
17:01:35 <stepcut> shapr: so do you have a plan for a non-facebook happstack app ?
17:01:44 <shapr> thinking about it
17:02:02 <shapr> My makerspace cofounder is pushing cherrypy or php, but we're using gitit right now.
17:02:09 <stepcut> we could start privacybook.com.. all your info will be safely stored in /dev/null, and you won't be allowed to friend anyone ;)
17:02:16 <shapr> So if I can take his css and html mockups and hack them into gitit plugins, he'll be happy.
17:02:19 <shapr> He just wants results.
17:02:22 <stepcut> nice
17:02:29 <stepcut> gitit is pretty sweet from what I hear
17:02:41 <shapr> It's really cool
17:02:44 <stepcut> I looked at the code a tiny bit and it looks pretty clean
17:02:48 <shapr> Have you seen tweaklabs.org?
17:02:50 <shapr> That's our website
17:02:53 <stepcut> puts the happstack code to shame :)
17:05:54 <stepcut> apparently someone is teaching a basic haskell course at this place ?
17:05:57 <stepcut> oops
17:06:04 <stepcut> at this place, http://pumpingstationone.org/
17:06:23 <stepcut> not sure how I got '?' and 'http://pumpingstationone.org/' mixed up :p
17:06:29 <mightybyte> stepcut: Heh, I've also been thinking about a "privacybook" idea.
17:06:54 <mightybyte> ...although a more serious incarnation
17:07:01 <stepcut> :)
17:07:20 <stepcut> I ❤ facebook.com
17:07:31 <shapr> why?
17:07:43 <shapr> Oh hey, I do want to write a website!
17:07:46 <shapr> I want to make geekswap.com
17:08:06 <shapr> Sorta like ebay, sorta like freecycle, but it's for swapping your geeky bitz to other folk who need 'em mor.
17:08:09 <stepcut> is that like wifeswap for geeks ?
17:08:21 <shapr> For example, yesterday I needed a power cord, C7 unpolarized.
17:08:27 <stepcut> geekswap sounds awesome actually
17:08:30 <shapr> I had to go out and buy one from radio shack!
17:08:43 <shapr> they're incredibly common, but I didn't have one in my house
17:08:48 <stepcut> too bad the domain is taken
17:08:52 <shapr> whaaat?
17:08:54 <shapr> crapola :-(
17:09:05 <Entroacceptor> shapr: and I don't think that'll work
17:09:07 <stepcut> 'tis for sale
17:09:07 <stepcut> http://geekswap.com/
17:09:10 <Entroacceptor> just ask your local geeks
17:09:28 <Entroacceptor> (I say that because we had something similar here)
17:09:29 <shapr> Entroacceptor: Yes, exactly... but how?
17:09:39 <Entroacceptor> shapr: phone? IM?
17:09:40 <shapr> Entroacceptor: Thing is, I don't know all the local geeks yet, only been here six months.
17:09:55 <shapr> And my friends may not expect that they can ask me for bladecenter spare parts...
17:10:14 <shapr> So I want to put up an inventory of my own bits, and be able to swap 'em to other people I know.
17:10:14 <Entroacceptor> then, instead of hiding in your room writing an application to ease the creation of your social network...
17:10:19 <shapr> :-P
17:10:22 <shapr> Entroacceptor: You have a point.
17:11:49 <stepcut> how about, dateaunicyclist.com
17:11:56 <shapr> Entroacceptor: Even so, for things like bladecenter bits, I suspect people would actually pay me more than a pittance if they're in desperate need of a nortel 2-7 layer router...
17:12:07 <shapr> stepcut: That's.... interesting
17:12:18 <shapr> The local hot unicyclist chick just went single...
17:12:26 <stepcut> shapr: =)
17:12:31 <stepcut> single wheel ?
17:12:37 <shapr> hah
17:12:55 <shapr> http://www.facebook.com/?ref=logo#!/lauren.schifano?ref=ts
17:12:58 <stepcut> wouldn't you feel like a second wheel dating a unicyclist ?
17:13:14 <shapr> argh!
17:13:18 <Entroacceptor> *grofl*
17:13:56 <shapr> Entroacceptor: Hey, are you new to the Haskell world? I don't recognize you!
17:14:20 <Entroacceptor> yes
17:14:25 <Entroacceptor> kind of
17:14:28 <shapr> Welcome!
17:14:35 <Entroacceptor> been using xmonad for quite a while now
17:14:38 <Entroacceptor> thanks :)
17:14:40 <shapr> awesome!
17:14:44 <shapr> well, not awesomewm
17:14:47 <shapr> but you know what I mean
17:14:55 <Entroacceptor> but I still haven't gotten around really _learning_ haskell
17:15:29 <mightybyte> shapr: You going to be at hac-phi this year?
17:15:52 <shapr> mightybyte: Probably not...
17:15:59 <shapr> Not unless I can find a place to stay for free.
17:16:10 <stepcut> attention everybody:  do 1. cabal update 2. cd <happstack> ; darcs pull -a 3. ./bin/build-install-test-all.{sh|bat}
17:16:18 <stepcut> and let me know if happstack 0.5 installs for ya
17:16:23 <shapr> um, which repo?
17:16:38 <mightybyte> shapr: I think there are some places.
17:17:03 <stepcut> darcs get http://patch-tag.com/r/mae/happstack
17:18:12 <shapr> ACTION installs darcs
17:20:35 <Entroacceptor> the script wasn't executeable
17:21:19 <Entroacceptor> but it's building
17:24:55 <stepcut> Entroacceptor: yeah, that is a darcs-ish
17:25:37 <Entroacceptor> it built
17:25:52 <Entroacceptor> but with warnings
17:25:55 <Entroacceptor> I don't like warnings
17:26:36 <Entroacceptor> the worst I think is     Warning: Bindings containing unlifted types must use an outermost bang pattern:
17:26:39 <Entroacceptor>                  { off_i = (off Happy_GHC_Exts.+# nt) }
17:26:42 <Entroacceptor>              *** This will be an error in GHC 6.14! Fix your code now!
17:27:28 <stepcut> yeah, we should try to fix all the warnings for 0.6
17:27:52 <stepcut> we can finally fix the PatternFoo deprecated warnings since we dropped support for 6.8
17:28:26 <Entroacceptor> but it worksforme
17:28:33 <stepcut> the -fno-warn-unused-binds thing is a bit trickier, because that flag and warning only started in 6.12, but we still support 6.10
17:28:34 <Entroacceptor> thank you :)
17:29:01 <stepcut> yeah, I tested on jaunty with 6.12, freebsd 8 with 6.10, and OS X with 6.12
17:29:31 <Entroacceptor> this is arch with 6.12.1
17:29:50 <stepcut> nice
17:31:26 <stepcut> should I put happstack-hamlet in the main happstack repo, or start a new one..
17:31:31 <stepcut> I think I'll put it in the main repo
17:32:33 <Entroacceptor> hamlet?
17:34:37 <Entroacceptor> anyway, I gtg
17:34:39 <Entroacceptor> o/
17:35:00 <stepcut> html templating system
17:35:04 <stepcut> very new
17:35:15 <stepcut> comes from the yesod project
17:50:47 <stepcut> ok, upload to hackage :)
18:10:09 <shapr> stepcut: failed to build on my pristine ubuntu lucid
18:10:18 <stepcut> shapr: booo!
18:10:20 <stepcut> what error ?
18:10:26 <shapr> oh, needs happy :-/
18:10:31 <stepcut> ah
18:10:42 <stepcut> is ~/.cabal/bin in your $PATH ?
18:11:28 <shapr> should be
18:11:29 <shapr> now installing happy...
18:11:29 <shapr> cabal doesn't seem to install happy, but I can install it with apt-get
18:15:58 <shapr> stepcut: yay, builds!
18:16:09 <stepcut> sweet
18:45:00 <stepcut> I have type, dpkg-buildpackage -us -uc -rfakeroot many times in my life
22:19:47 <HugoDaniel2> happstack!
22:20:00 <Entroacceptor> yay