01:12:03 <happstacktwitbot> new sections on the #haskell #happstack tutorial , http://bit.ly/aWt9g9
01:12:04 <happstacktwitbot> Just pushed a patch with more haddock documentation improvements to the #happstack server...
01:12:06 <happstacktwitbot> Major update to the happstack.com website, your feedback appreciated! #haskell...
01:12:09 <happstacktwitbot> the #happstack crash course now as an autogenerated table of contents (plus some new...
01:12:11 <happstacktwitbot> Added some quicklinks to the sidebar of happstack.com, any links you would like to see...
01:13:00 <stepkut> this bot is trouble..
01:17:01 <sm> sorry stepkut .. yes it's acting up. Will retire it
01:25:20 <stepkut> sm: you would merge those features into happstack.com/synthea :p
01:27:05 <sm> I have focussed on a single-purpose, generic feed->irc tool to get most bang for my buck
01:27:44 <sm> would be glad to help out
01:29:34 <stepkut> this is the current happstack.com bot code, http://patch-tag.com/r/stepcut/happstackDotCom/snapshot/current/content/pretty/IrcLog.hs
01:29:43 <stepkut> not much too it
01:31:08 <stepkut> someone needs to adjust the connectionLoop + pingPart so that it notices if it hasn't received a ping in a while and forces a reconnect
23:50:48 <stepcut> according to one source, from last october, facebook's cache layer processes 120 million queries per second
23:50:59 <stepcut> that is a lot of queries