14:45:33 <cheater99> hi
14:45:33 <cheater99> :)
15:32:23 <Gracenotes> helloo
20:30:53 <eamelink> Is the classic happstack tutorial available somewhere?
20:31:03 <eamelink> The server http://tutorial.happstack.com/ gives an error: Server error: connect: does not exist (Connection refused)
21:11:27 <stepcut> :(
21:11:30 <stepcut> one moment
21:11:52 <stepcut> http://patch-tag.com/r/tphyahoo/happstack-tutorial/home
21:11:55 <stepcut> you can get the source there
21:12:03 <stepcut> I think you are supposed to do that as part of the tutorial anyway
21:12:23 <stepcut> the tutorial is run on a different server than the main site, so I can't do anything but hassle thomas about it :p
21:13:00 <stepcut> (which I have just done now, but he is not online at the moment)
21:40:33 <stepcut> eamelink: oh, it is back up now, the server was being upgraded
21:40:34 <stepcut> http://tutorial.happstack.com/
21:40:43 <eamelink> Thanks :)