17:39:16 <stepkut> dons: how would you feel about something like this for bytestring: hPutLimit :: Int64 -> Handle -> L.ByteString -> IO Int64
17:39:33 <stepkut> were you can specify the maximum number of bytes to write, and you get back the number of bytes written ?
17:40:03 <stepkut> I guess there are some other variations on that as well, like a version with no quota, but which tells you how much data was written
17:47:05 <dons> sounds good in a utility library.
17:47:09 <dons> prob. wouldn't add it to bytestring
17:47:17 <stepkut> i'm tired of utility libraries
17:47:29 <stepkut> I'll just make it a private function and let everyone else suffer :)
17:47:55 <stepkut> first I have to figure out to implement it
17:48:50 <stepkut> this is the normal version, do L.foldrChunks (\c rest -> S.hPut h c >> rest) (return ()) cs