19:37:28 <SantosLHalper> ahoy mateys!
19:38:51 <SantosLHalper> ACTION I was hoping someone could help me with installing and using happstack
19:39:07 <SantosLHalper> oops
19:40:03 <SantosLHalper> :D
19:41:50 <SantosLHalper> I am trying to use Happstack for hosting a checker for predicate calculus
20:05:31 <bonobo> SantosLHalper: Happstack is a perfect tool to host your checker
20:18:39 <stepkut> SantosLHalper: cabal install happstack should work ?
20:18:57 <stepkut> SantosLHalper: sounds like a fun project
20:19:48 <stepkut> SantosLHalper: if not, we can figure out why, and I'll see what I can do to fix it so it does just work :)
20:26:03 <SantosLHalper> okay excellent
20:26:15 <SantosLHalper> here is the problem
20:26:58 <SantosLHalper> i don't have cabal, and I don't know how to get it
20:27:09 <stepkut> what OS are you using ?
20:27:22 <SantosLHalper> Linux
20:27:25 <stepkut> what distro ?
20:27:27 <SantosLHalper> ubuntu
20:27:58 <bonobo> SantosLHalper: do you know where to get Haskell Platform?
20:28:19 <SantosLHalper> 9.10 Karmic koala
20:28:27 <SantosLHalper> from haskell.org, correct?
20:29:38 <bonobo> yes
20:29:47 <stepkut> http://davidsiegel.org/haskell-platform-in-karmic-koala/
20:31:36 <stepkut> or maybe, sudo apt-get update ; sudo apt-get install cabal, would work ? Not sure how up to date karmic is..
20:34:04 <SantosLHalper> okay let me try the sudo apt-get update, and then install cabal, and see what happens
20:35:34 <SantosLHalper> okay the update went fine, but the install cabal gave me -> E: Couldn't find package cabal
20:36:15 <SantosLHalper> I'll try the steps in the link
20:36:43 <stepkut> ok, ubuntu probably does not imported the debian packages yet, so that link is the best potion
20:36:45 <stepkut> option
20:37:25 <SantosLHalper> ok, i'll see how far i can get
20:37:52 <stepkut> hopefully it should be pretty smooth -- that is the point of the haskell platform in the first place ;)
20:40:23 <SantosLHalper> ahhh... will everything start being done via the haskell platform in terms of anything that related to haskell, such as happstack? I
20:42:07 <stepkut> the haskell platform is supposed to be a set of packages which you can reasonably expect people to have installed no matter what distribution they are using
20:42:34 <stepkut> among other things that includes all the libraries needed for cabal-install
20:43:05 <stepkut> happstack itself has a bunch of other dependencies, so it will still rely on cabal-install.. but there is nothing wrong with that the two things serve different purposes
20:44:01 <stepkut> debian is actually packaging happstack at the moment, so eventually it will also be in ubuntu and you can just apt-get install it :)
20:44:23 <SantosLHalper> sweet
20:47:54 <stepkut> indeed
20:51:38 <SantosLHalper> damnit, installation failed
20:53:14 <SantosLHalper> Error: Building the fgl- package failed
20:53:51 <SantosLHalper> make: *** [build.stamp] Error 2
20:54:43 <stepkut> hmm, well fgl is not needed for cabal-install
20:55:15 <stepkut> which version of the HP did you download ?
20:55:34 <stepkut> that tutorial has an old version, maybe the new one works better ? http://hackage.haskell.org/platform/2010.1.0.0/haskell-platform-2010.1.0.0.tar.gz
20:55:42 <SantosLHalper> it said it could not find module 'Control.Monad.State'
20:56:41 <SantosLHalper> the i downloaded was 2009.2.0.2
20:56:46 <SantosLHalper> i'll try the new link
20:56:54 <stepkut> yeah
21:10:32 <SantosLHalper_> okay it says i should update my haskell version
21:10:51 <SantosLHalper_> i'm running 6.10.4
21:11:06 <stepcut> hmm
21:11:17 <stepcut> happstack will work with ghc 6.10, but 6.12 is nice too :)
21:11:41 <SantosLHalper_> should i upgrade to be safe?
21:11:51 <stepcut> depends how hard it is i guess
21:12:11 <SantosLHalper_> oh...maybe i should try just with ghc 6.10 then
21:12:13 <stepcut> if you want to use the older haskell platform, there is some way to comment out fgl I think and install only the stuff needed for cabal-install
21:12:39 <stepcut> or maybe the new haskell platform will install with 6.10..
21:13:42 <SantosLHalper_> hmmmm maybe i can just go ahead and try to install as is
21:13:42 <stepcut> people in #haskell might be more familiar with this part of the process than I am because I already have cabal install out-of-the-box
21:13:50 <SantosLHalper_> ahhh
21:14:32 <SantosLHalper_> Does anyone have any ideas???
21:22:45 <SantosLHalper_> it gave me the option to go ahead and install with old version so i did that
21:22:50 <stepkut> nice!
21:22:50 <SantosLHalper_> so far it seems to be working
21:22:53 <stepkut> cool
21:32:12 <SantosLHalper_> At least one of the following dependencies are missing: Cabal == 1.8.*, time ==1.1.*
21:33:56 <stepkut> :-/
21:34:09 <stepkut> when trying to install the haskell platform ?
21:34:33 <stepkut> when trying to tinstall the haskell platform ?
21:34:48 <SantosLHalper> yes
21:34:54 <stepkut> hmm
21:35:04 <SantosLHalper> i got to the 'make' step
21:35:15 <SantosLHalper> then i got
21:35:27 <SantosLHalper> Error:
21:35:27 <SantosLHalper> Configuring the cabal-install-0.8.0 package failed
21:35:28 <SantosLHalper> make: *** [build.stamp] Error 2
21:36:12 <stepkut> what version(s) does, ghc-pkg list Cabal, return ?
21:36:51 <stepkut> you might need to do this first,
21:36:54 <stepkut> wget http://hackage.haskell.org/packages/archive/Cabal/
21:37:00 <stepkut> tar -xvzf Cabal-
21:37:03 <stepkut> cd Cabal-
21:37:22 <stepkut> runhaskell Setup configure --user && runhaskell Setup build && runhaskel Setup install
21:37:31 <SantosLHalper> /var/lib/ghc-6.10.4/./package.conf:
21:37:31 <SantosLHalper>     Cabal-
21:37:31 <SantosLHalper> /home/peter/.ghc/i386-linux-6.10.4/package.conf:
21:37:31 <SantosLHalper>     Cabal-
21:37:39 <stepkut> hmm, you seem to already have ti
21:37:58 <stepkut> what about time ?
21:38:41 <SantosLHalper> /var/lib/ghc-6.10.4/./package.conf:
21:38:41 <SantosLHalper> /home/peter/.ghc/i386-linux-6.10.4/package.conf:
21:40:39 <stepkut> odd, I didn't realize you could have no version of time installed :-/
21:41:10 <stepkut> does, apt-cache show libghc6-time-dev show anything ?
21:42:49 <SantosLHalper> Package: libghc6-time-dev
21:42:49 <SantosLHalper> Priority: optional
21:42:49 <SantosLHalper> Section: universe/devel
21:42:49 <SantosLHalper> Installed-Size: 2072
21:42:49 <SantosLHalper> Maintainer: Ubuntu Developers <ubuntu-devel-discuss@lists.ubuntu.com>
21:42:50 <SantosLHalper> Original-Maintainer: Kari Pahula <kaol@debian.org>
21:42:52 <SantosLHalper> Architecture: i386
21:42:54 <SantosLHalper> Source: haskell-time
21:42:56 <SantosLHalper> Version:
21:42:58 <SantosLHalper> Depends: ghc6 (>= 6.10.4-1ubuntu2), ghc6 (<< 6.10.4+), libc6 (>= 2.4), libffi5 (>= 3.0.4), libgmp3c2
21:43:00 <SantosLHalper> Suggests: libghc6-time-prof, libghc6-time-doc
21:43:02 <SantosLHalper> Filename: pool/universe/h/haskell-time/libghc6-time-dev_1.1.2.4-1build1_i386.deb
21:43:04 <SantosLHalper> Size: 436228
21:43:06 <SantosLHalper> MD5sum: 194990d319f0f3caf8fad67624ba72ca
21:43:10 <SantosLHalper> SHA1: 56438c141636dd048db42ff098e9b567029cba58
21:43:12 <SantosLHalper> SHA256: f2ed83b0e04c6946f96232b4ee963e040fdcac4aed31f005324c4610e78a1291
21:43:14 <SantosLHalper> Description: Haskell time library for GHC
21:43:16 <SantosLHalper>  This package provides a library for the Haskell programming language.
21:43:18 <SantosLHalper>  See http://www.haskell.org/ for more information on Haskell.
21:43:20 <SantosLHalper>  .
21:43:22 <stepkut> sudo apt-get install libghc6-time-dev ?
21:43:22 <SantosLHalper> oops
21:44:23 <SantosLHalper> ok i did that
21:44:33 <SantosLHalper> now try installing again?
21:44:59 <stepkut> did that apt-get actually install a new library ?
21:45:08 <SantosLHalper> yes it did
21:45:33 <stepkut> yeah, then try again
21:45:56 <SantosLHalper> ok.  Is that strange?
21:46:12 <stepkut> probably not
21:46:19 <SantosLHalper> ok
21:46:38 <stepkut> you might actually want to install, libghc6-time-prof as well
21:46:45 <SantosLHalper> ok
21:52:38 <SantosLHalper> Configuring cabal-install-0.8.0...
21:52:38 <SantosLHalper> Setup: At least the following dependencies are missing:
21:52:38 <SantosLHalper> Cabal ==1.8.*
21:52:38 <SantosLHalper> Error:
21:52:38 <SantosLHalper> Configuring the cabal-install-0.8.0 package failed
21:52:39 <SantosLHalper> make: *** [build.stamp] Error 2
21:52:56 <SantosLHalper> at least it's not complaining about time
21:53:20 <stepkut> I wonder why it doesn't like Cabal though :-/
21:54:02 <stepkut> what happens if you cd into the cabal-install directory and run, runhaskell Setup configure --user
21:54:02 <stepkut> ?
21:54:38 <SantosLHalper> let me see
21:59:13 <SantosLHalper> Setup:1:0: lexical error at character '\DEL'
22:00:44 <stepkut> SantosLHalper: the rumor is that you need to do chmod +x bootstrap.sh && ./bootstrap.sh
22:00:54 <stepkut> in the cabal-install-0.8.0 directory
22:01:09 <SantosLHalper> ahh
22:01:33 <stepkut> or, you should just install the GHC 6.12 binary from haskell.org and not use any ubuntu haskell apt packages because they are out of date
22:02:29 <stepkut>  http://www.vex.net/~trebla/haskell/haskell-platform.xhtml
22:02:54 <stepkut> actually, that is about build GHC from source I think
22:04:07 <stepkut> you could get the GHC 6.12 from here, http://haskell.org/ghc/download_ghc_6_12_1.html#distros
22:04:22 <stepkut> and then, in theory, the haskell platform installer would just work out of the box
22:04:54 <stepkut> :-/
22:05:03 <SantosLHalper> :-\
22:05:44 <stepkut> if the bootstrap thing does not work, then maybe that is the thing to try next
22:06:04 <SantosLHalper> ok, i'll proceed with bootstrap
22:06:16 <SantosLHalper> ls
22:06:24 <SantosLHalper> oops :s
22:06:26 <stepkut> :p
22:14:29 <SantosLHalper> i only have a cabal-install-0.8.2 directory
22:15:04 <stepkut> even better..
22:15:19 <SantosLHalper> ok, so i did the bootstrap thing for it
22:15:25 <stepkut> k
22:15:32 <stepkut> what happened ?
22:16:35 <SantosLHalper> The 'cabal' program has been installed in /home/peter/.cabal/bin/
22:16:41 <stepkut> sweet!
22:16:47 <SantosLHalper> then it tells me to update and all that jazz
22:16:50 <stepkut> now you should be able to do, cabal update && cabal install happstack
22:16:56 <SantosLHalper> ahhhhhh
22:34:37 <SantosLHalper> cabal: Error: some packages failed to install:
22:34:37 <SantosLHalper> happstack- depends on stm- which failed to install.
22:34:37 <SantosLHalper> happstack-state- depends on stm- which failed to install.
22:34:37 <SantosLHalper> stm- failed during the building phase. The exception was:
22:34:37 <SantosLHalper> ExitFailure 1
22:35:04 <stepkut> :(
22:35:18 <stepkut> I guess I would try to upgrade to GHC 6.12 :-/
22:36:47 <SantosLHalper> bahhh!
22:36:50 <SantosLHalper> okay
22:37:15 <stepkut> 6.12 is better anyway :)
22:38:50 <SantosLHalper> :)
22:47:11 <SantosLHalper> is this what i should be downloading:
22:47:17 <SantosLHalper> ghc-6.12.3-i386-unknown-linux-n.tar.bz2
22:47:24 <stepkut> I believe so
22:47:31 <stepkut> are you on 32-bit or 64-bit OS ?
22:48:13 <SantosLHalper> 32
22:48:22 <stepcut> seems right then
23:03:56 <SantosLHalper> ummm how should i open this file now
23:04:33 <SantosLHalper> tar -xzf <filename>    ?
23:07:02 <SantosLHalper> n/m
23:09:12 <stepkut> tar -xvjf
23:09:21 <stepkut> j for bzip2 obviously :p
23:09:29 <stepkut> yay for unix!
23:11:38 <SantosLHalper> so i got that done
23:11:49 <SantosLHalper> now try the whole thing again
23:11:57 <SantosLHalper> cabal install
23:12:01 <stepkut> :)
23:14:07 <SantosLHalper> cabal: Error: some packages failed to install:
23:14:07 <SantosLHalper> happstack- depends on stm- which failed to install.
23:14:08 <SantosLHalper> happstack-state- depends on stm- which failed to install.
23:14:08 <SantosLHalper> stm- failed during the building phase. The exception was:
23:14:08 <SantosLHalper> ExitFailure 1
23:14:42 <stepkut> what does cabal install stm say ?
23:15:23 <SantosLHalper> cabal: Error: some packages failed to install:
23:15:23 <SantosLHalper> stm- failed during the building phase. The exception was:
23:15:23 <SantosLHalper> ExitFailure 1
23:16:36 <stepkut> does, cabal install -v stm yield any useful information ?
23:17:44 <SantosLHalper> same error message
23:18:04 <stepkut> no hints as to why ExitFailure 1 ?
23:19:22 <SantosLHalper> Control/Concurrent/STM/TVar.hs:22:8: Not in scope: `readTVarIO'
23:19:30 <SantosLHalper> that was the line before the error message
23:19:36 <SantosLHalper> but that's about it
23:20:29 <SantosLHalper> i think i forgot to ./configure ghc 12
23:21:06 <stepkut> ah
23:22:39 <SantosLHalper> when i do make install for ghc, i get this:
23:22:41 <SantosLHalper> make -r --no-print-directory -f ghc.mk install BINDIST=YES NO_INCLUDE_DEPS=YES
23:22:41 <SantosLHalper> /usr/bin/install -c -m 755 -d "/usr/local/share/man"
23:22:41 <SantosLHalper> /usr/bin/install -c -m 755 -d "/usr/local/share/man/man1"
23:22:41 <SantosLHalper> /usr/bin/install: cannot change permissions of `/usr/local/share/man/man1': No such file or directory
23:22:41 <SantosLHalper> make[1]: *** [install_man] Error 1
23:22:42 <SantosLHalper> make: *** [install] Error 2
23:23:27 <stepkut> you probably need, sudo make install ?
23:25:27 <SantosLHalper> ok, now it's installing
23:26:02 <stepkut> sweet
23:36:38 <SantosLHalper> oh my goodness
23:36:45 <SantosLHalper> no errors
23:37:04 <stepkut> =)
23:37:21 <stepkut> at what stage ?
23:38:10 <SantosLHalper> cabal install happstack
23:38:35 <SantosLHalper> is it ready?
23:39:46 <stepkut> yep
23:40:23 <SantosLHalper> sweet
23:41:10 <stepkut> yay!
23:41:22 <SantosLHalper> thanks A LOT!!!
23:41:35 <stepkut> no problem!
23:42:25 <SantosLHalper> is this the main place to come if I have questions about running things on happstack?
23:42:42 <stepkut> yes
23:43:07 <stepkut> if someone is not around at the moment, you'll usually get an answer eventually if you just hang out
23:43:16 <stepkut> there is also the mailing list
23:43:40 <SantosLHalper> sounds good
23:43:50 <SantosLHalper> I'll take advantage of both
23:44:03 <SantosLHalper> I'm off to do a victory run
23:44:58 <stepkut> sweet!