18:49:42 <stepcut> http://happstack.blogspot.com/2010/07/changes-to-request-body-and-rqdata-in.html
19:03:04 <bonobo> I've seen taht already :)
19:04:55 <stepcut> :)
19:05:20 <stepcut> did you see this? http://code.google.com/p/happstack/issues/detail?id=80&q=label:Milestone-0.6
19:11:55 <bonobo> well
19:12:29 <bonobo> the correct solution now is to use straight haskell instance, e.g. no TH
19:12:50 <stepcut> :)
19:13:27 <stepcut> anyway, the hardest parts of 0.6 are done now I think
19:14:50 <bonobo> that is really good I think
19:15:25 <stepcut> There are some other tasks to do, and then a bunch of testing
19:15:54 <stepcut> I want to really pound on the code and make sure there are not space leaks, etc
19:16:10 <stepcut> head is pretty good as far as I know, but there could still be issues
19:16:24 <stepcut> 0.7 will be more fun than 0.6 I think
19:23:05 <bonobo> I just tried to compile Foo2.hs
19:23:29 <bonobo> after changing HAppS to Happstack GHC said something about ImpredicativeTypes
19:23:41 <bonobo> so I enabled them (whatever they are)
19:23:52 <bonobo> and then I get the error:
19:24:01 <bonobo> Foo2.hs:38:2:
19:24:02 <bonobo>     Illegal polymorphic or qualified type: TestEntry g[a1ca]
19:24:04 <bonobo>     In the instance declaration for `Indexable (TestEntry g[a1ca])'
19:24:07 <bonobo> what does this mean really?
19:33:34 <bonobo> stepcut: this one does not seem to a bug neither on our side nor GHC
19:33:45 <bonobo> somewhere inside there is this declaration
19:34:04 <bonobo> type TestEntry g =  (Show g) =>  KeyedEntry (LogEntry (Pair g))
19:34:21 <bonobo> which seems to be overly restrictive, if you change it to:
19:34:27 <bonobo> type TestEntry g = KeyedEntry (LogEntry (Pair g))
19:34:40 <bonobo> everything compiles correctly
19:34:53 <bonobo> and "GHC panics" is wrong report here
19:35:22 <bonobo> GHC just politely says the TestEntry g with (Show g) constraint cannot be used in instance declaration
19:35:43 <bonobo> which I could accept as sensible
19:51:06 <stepcut> hmm, add some stuff to the bug
19:53:07 <bonobo> stepcut: added
19:53:31 <bonobo> and the GHC bug report seems to have solved the GHC panic! by changing it into type error
19:57:12 <bonobo> I need some sleep, bye