04:19:31 <sshc> What's the happs?
15:12:34 <stepcut> sshc_: :)
18:57:17 <stepcut> Added section to crash course on using BlazeHtml with happstack, http://happstack.com/docs/crashcourse/Templates.html#helloblaze
19:13:45 <stepcut> the crash course documentation for happstack-server is shaping up.. I need to do cookies, fileserve, and basic HSP usage, and then it will be kind of ok..
19:13:51 <stepcut> oh, and filters (like gzip)
19:16:51 <stepcut> later I will add advanced topics like monad transformers and stuff, but you don't need that to get started
21:16:28 <stepcut> we should split Happstack.Util.Mail into a separate package I think. (like, simple-smtpclient), then we can drop the dependency on SMTPClient, which would be nice
21:17:00 <stepcut> you shouldn't have to install SMTPClient just to use happstack-data or ixset, or happstack-state.. that doesn't make sense