01:15:40 <CalmNelly> ACTION stretches and makes himself comfortable
03:16:06 <CalmNelly> I DID IT!!!
03:17:05 <CalmNelly> stepcut...u r the man.
03:17:23 <CalmNelly> goodnight, i'll be in tomorrow
13:05:52 <CalmNelly> ACTION yawns and stretches
17:25:27 <siracusa> I recall a problem on Windows machines where Happstack was listening on IPv6 instead of IPv4 addresses occasionally. Does anyone know if this has already been fixed?
19:15:21 <CalmNelly> i have a question.  When I generate a page at localhost:8000/feedback, and I want to show a picture at that page, should picture be loaded in an actual feedback directory?
19:15:55 <mightybyte> CalmNelly: Doesn't matter.
19:16:03 <mightybyte> Depends on what you put in the HTML.
19:16:44 <CalmNelly> I guess if the picture is using a relative address, I'll want to put it in the folder?
19:17:25 <mightybyte> No
19:17:43 <CalmNelly> oh
19:17:50 <mightybyte> In that case, I think the URL would have to be localhost/feedback/index.html
19:27:28 <CalmNelly> at the moment i don't have any index.html
19:27:38 <mightybyte> Yeah, I know.
19:28:00 <mightybyte> So, since the URL is /feedback, a relative URL will be relative to /
19:28:05 <mightybyte> ...not /feedback
19:28:53 <CalmNelly> ok
19:32:29 <CalmNelly> i'm lost.  My image is lambda.gif, and I currently have a propForm page and a feedback page
19:32:51 <CalmNelly> I want to know what to give src
19:33:19 <mightybyte> That depends on how you serve the image file in your app.
19:35:31 <CalmNelly> http://pastebin.com/QZVjVe6H
19:35:36 <CalmNelly> that's a snippet of my code
19:35:42 <CalmNelly> the feedback page
19:36:24 <mightybyte> happstack != apache
19:36:37 <mightybyte> How are you serving the image file?
19:36:55 <mightybyte> In a happstack app, you define *all* of your URLs.
19:37:09 <mightybyte> And I don't see one defined for the image.
19:37:33 <CalmNelly> the image is on my comp
19:38:12 <mightybyte> Yeah, happstack won't serve it unless you tell it to.
19:39:02 <mightybyte> http://happstack.com/docs/0.5.0/happstack-server/Happstack-Server-HTTP-FileServe.html#v%3AfileServe
19:40:00 <mightybyte> You need something like this.
19:40:16 <mightybyte> dir "static" $ fileServe [] "static"
19:40:55 <mightybyte> This will look in the "static" directory on your local machine and make all the files visible on your website in the url /static
19:42:22 <CalmNelly> okay let me see
19:44:43 <CalmNelly> could i put that dir line anywhere?
19:45:17 <mightybyte> No.  You have to combine it with your existing ServerPart
19:46:09 <mightybyte> It probably needs to go in a list with feedback
19:46:20 <mightybyte> msum [feedback, dir "static" ...]
19:46:22 <CalmNelly> ahh the msum
19:46:31 <CalmNelly> k
19:47:14 <mightybyte> Actually, you probably need:
19:47:31 <mightybyte> msum [dir "feedback" feedback, dir "static" ...]
19:48:08 <mightybyte> This tells happstack that you want the feedback function to be executed when it gets a request for /feedback/...
19:48:46 <mightybyte> ...and the fileServe function to be executed when it gets a request for /static/...
19:50:59 <CalmNelly> so when I put that in, i will put 'src=/static/lambda.gif' ?
19:51:24 <mightybyte> Yes
19:52:57 <CalmNelly> and in this case, static = folder on my comp
19:53:14 <mightybyte> Yes, but they dont have to be the same name.
19:53:42 <mightybyte> dir "foo" $ fileServe [] "static" will require you to use 'src=/foo/lambda.gif'
19:54:01 <mightybyte> But the file still needs to be in the "static" directory.
20:22:03 <CalmNelly> boh
20:25:31 <CalmNelly> mightybyte: i put down dir "static" $ fileServe [] "~/project/"
20:25:49 <CalmNelly> then 'src=/static/lambda.gif
20:26:12 <mightybyte> I'm not sure if ~ will work in there, but you can give it a try.
20:26:51 <CalmNelly> is it enough to just put /project?
20:27:29 <CalmNelly> it didn't work either way
20:27:51 <mightybyte>  /project won't work because that's an absolute path.
20:27:59 <mightybyte> Just "project" should work.
20:29:45 <stepcut> siracusa: we only listen on ipv4 by default now I believe. If you want ipv6 then you have to create the socket yourself and pass it to simpleHTTPWithSocket or something
20:32:23 <CalmNelly> okay thanks
20:46:44 <stepcut> expanding ~ to your home directory is something the shell normally does before passing the results to the executable. But since there is no shell here, there is nothing to expand ~
20:47:33 <stepcut> the section on using fileServe and friends is one of the last sections that needs to be done for 0.6
21:40:50 <CalmNelly> ahh okay
21:41:03 <CalmNelly> i got the image to work, i understand it a little better now
22:01:06 <CalmNelly> ACTION smiles
22:02:33 <stepcut> CalmNelly: yay!