15:48:59 <siracusa> Is there a way to stop a Happstack application in GHCi without killing the process? The guestbook example uses waitForTermination, but this doesn't seem to work properly.
15:56:23 <Gracenotes> depends on how you have it structured, no
15:59:28 <siracusa> Gracenotes: Minimal example http://hpaste.org/fastcgi/hpaste.fcgi/view?id=28551#a28551
16:00:23 <siracusa> Ctrl+C kills the application but the server thread is still running and the port stays bound.
19:21:44 <stepcut> siracusa: there is some code in happstack-util that will try to track all the background threads and kill them.. i think you might have to recompile with a flag
19:26:39 <siracusa> stepcut: Is there a flag summary somewhere?
23:29:23 <stepcut> siracusa: dunno
23:32:05 <siracusa> stepcut: Oh, did you mean recompile with a certain GHC flag?
23:47:17 <stepcut> siracusa: yes
23:47:28 <stepcut> or possible a CCP flag (passed to GHC)
23:47:50 <stepcut> you will have to poke around in happstack-util and look at the fork function
23:48:29 <siracusa> Ok thanks, I'll have a look at that.