19:37:44 <dons> http://cogracenotes.wordpress.com/2010/08/08/hackage-on-sparky/
19:37:50 <dons> new hackage 2.0 will run on happstack.
19:37:56 <dons> chance to help. high profile project!
19:39:19 <stepcut> yay!
19:40:40 <dons> in particular, a strong visual design for the site will help happstack adoption, i suspect.
19:41:21 <stepcut> yeah
19:44:03 <aavogt> features
19:45:34 <aavogt> Gracenotes: what is a candidate package (I think it needs explanation somewhere...)/
19:47:21 <aavogt> oh I found it here http://sparky.haskell.org:8080/upload.html
20:30:20 <HugoDaniel2> :D
20:30:23 <HugoDaniel2> thats so cool :D
20:36:11 <aavogt> Gracenotes: are there any visualizations (plots or graphs...)?
20:36:31 <fxr> are there any reading materials about Annotations package?
20:37:13 <fxr> ops, wrong channel, sorry :(
23:30:07 <HugoDaniel2> hmm
23:30:10 <HugoDaniel2> in happstack
23:31:20 <HugoDaniel2> when the user does a POST from a form with a input with several checkboxes
23:31:30 <HugoDaniel2> how do i get all the values associated with it ?
23:31:53 <HugoDaniel2> for instance
23:31:56 <HugoDaniel2> this goes on the post:
23:32:03 <HugoDaniel2> informacao_tv=SIC&informacao_tv=SIC+Radical&informacao_tv=RTP+N&...
23:32:30 <HugoDaniel2> in my code im doing: look "informacao_tv"
23:32:35 <HugoDaniel2> which only gives me the first value
23:32:37 <HugoDaniel2> :(
23:33:41 <HugoDaniel2> how do i access the other values ?
23:38:42 <stepcut> looks
23:38:52 <stepcut> that may only be in the darcs version though
23:39:05 <stepcut> there are plural versions that will find all the matches, not just the first
23:39:35 <stepcut> for now, you could copy the implementation into your local code base, it's only a few lines
23:40:00 <stepcut> or you can upgrade to head :)
23:40:06 <HugoDaniel2> :)
23:46:32 <Guest41134> hello
23:46:55 <Guest41134> I CANT HEAR AUDIO ON MY you tube im running ubuntu ANY HELP?
23:47:29 <HugoDaniel2> ?
23:47:57 <HugoDaniel2> i think you are asking on the wrong channel
23:48:00 <HugoDaniel2> try #ubuntu
23:48:03 <HugoDaniel2> or something
23:48:21 <Guest41134> where am i now?
23:49:01 <HugoDaniel2> #happs
23:49:07 <HugoDaniel2> just write this /j #ubuntu
23:49:30 <Guest41134>  /j #ubuntu
23:49:47 <Guest41134> where shall i write
23:50:41 <HugoDaniel2> sorry i can't help you
23:50:53 <Guest41134> aww my little baby
23:51:04 <Guest41134> i think i did it though
23:51:09 <Guest41134> add chat...
23:51:10 <HugoDaniel2> nice
23:54:04 <stepcut> hmm, audio not working under Linux? That's never happened before..
23:54:16 <HugoDaniel2> stepcut, evil :D