16:01:40 <kowey> just curious to see if the Happstack/Capri connection has not already been beaten to death?
16:02:20 <kowey> (the Darcs Team may eventually move on to breaking Darcs into lots of little packages, eg. darcs-core, darcs-repo, etc, and being able to build them all in a nice way would be convenient)
16:02:41 <kowey> and this seems to echo a similar issue in happstack which I think is worked around with a shell script?
16:15:32 <stepcut> kowey: Capri?
16:17:10 <kowey> sorry, I was foolishly assuming everybody reads Haskell reddit :-) http://hackage.haskell.org/package/capri
16:17:40 <stepcut> looks interesting
16:17:50 <stepcut> happstack does not do anything remarkable so far
16:18:11 <stepcut> users just do, cabal install happstack, which pulls in the happstack package and all the other happstack-* packages
16:18:18 <stepcut> developers have some scripts in the bin directory
16:18:27 <stepcut> https://patch-tag.com/r/mae/happstack/snapshot/current/content/pretty/bin
16:18:46 <stepcut> so, you might run, https://patch-tag.com/r/mae/happstack/snapshot/current/content/pretty/bin/build-install-all.sh, to build and install everything.
16:19:14 <stepcut> however, for that to really work correctly, you have to make sure the version numbers in the repo are higher than the version numbers on hackage
16:25:56 <kowey> for users, I imagine that's fine... I guess I was thinking more of how happstack developers keep themselves sane
16:26:18 <kowey> oh
16:26:22 <kowey> sorry, not reading carefully enough
16:26:57 <kowey> yeah, I've noticed the shell script... which is why I thought of capri.  Anyway hope somebody decides to try it and maybe report back if it makes life any easier
16:54:54 <stepcut> kowey: yeah, me too :)