23:12:07 <McManiaC> stepcut: did you remove mkCookieHeader from Happstack.Server.Cookie ?
23:12:47 <McManiaC> oh HTTP.Cookie
23:12:48 <McManiaC> nevermind :)
23:13:18 <stepkut> well, if it is something a user should be using, then we should re-export it from Happstack.Server.Cookie
23:13:33 <stepkut> why do you call mkCookieHeader?
23:14:29 <McManiaC> stepkut: I need to overwrite a "update-session-timeout-cookie" with a "log-me-out-cookie"
23:14:48 <stepkut> what do you do with the String that mkCookieHeader gives you ?
23:14:57 <McManiaC> which is actually the same cookie, but the session timeout cookie might be set before the logout, so it wont work :)
23:16:07 <McManiaC> addCookie' sec = (setHeaderM "Set-Cookie") . mkCookieHeader sec
23:16:27 <McManiaC> exactly the same as addCookie, only uses setHeaderM instead of addHeaderM iirc
23:16:39 <stepkut> maybe addCookie should use setHeaderM instead of addHeaderM ?
23:17:03 <stepkut> except.. what if there are multiple different cookies being set ?
23:17:09 <McManiaC> hm
23:17:37 <stepkut> I think your code is going to wipe out all the other cookies, even if they are valid ?
23:18:17 <McManiaC> hmm
23:19:02 <McManiaC> true
23:19:03 <McManiaC> :<
23:20:33 <stepkut> :<
23:21:03 <McManiaC> maybe I need some modifyHeaderM
23:21:03 <McManiaC> ^^
23:21:20 <stepkut> or maybe you can figure out how to only set the cookie once?
23:22:51 <McManiaC> maybe