21:33:20 <HugoDaniel2> hi
21:35:14 <HugoDaniel2> i need help with this:
21:35:16 <HugoDaniel2> http://hpaste.org/40559/happstack_path_and
21:35:26 <HugoDaniel2> my brain is stalled
21:35:28 <HugoDaniel2> :(
21:35:36 <HugoDaniel2> i can't seem to handle "path" and >>= anymore
21:37:46 <HugoDaniel2> sorry i forgot to paste code
21:42:06 <HugoDaniel2> here: http://hpaste.org/40560/happstack_path_and
21:47:54 <HugoDaniel2> i can do it like this.
21:47:56 <HugoDaniel2> :
21:48:01 <HugoDaniel2> dir "getProperties" $ path $ \elem -> getData >>= answer . requestProperties elem
22:26:45 <HugoDaniel2> i got it working
22:29:07 <McManiaC> cool :)
22:29:10 <McManiaC> sorry, didnt look
23:15:14 <HugoDaniel2> here is something i usually do:
23:15:16 <HugoDaniel2> http://hpaste.org/40562/fromdata
23:15:21 <HugoDaniel2> but it requires flexible instances
23:15:30 <HugoDaniel2> ...which means im probably thinking it wrong
23:15:31 <HugoDaniel2> :/
23:15:33 <HugoDaniel2> any ideas ?
23:17:30 <HugoDaniel2> here is an updatE:
23:17:32 <HugoDaniel2> http://hpaste.org/40563/fromdata
23:21:55 <stepcut> I am not sure that flexible instances are a bad thing
23:23:10 <stepcut> there is a *reason* why they added an extension for them after all
23:23:28 <stepcut> I have never even bothered to figure out what they are.. I just enabled them whenever the compiler asks :)
23:23:57 <stepcut> the only extension I really avoid is IncoherentInstances, and sometimes OverlappingInstances
23:24:06 <HugoDaniel2> ah ok
23:24:07 <HugoDaniel2> nice
23:26:04 <stepcut> I need to add a section on FromData to the crash course I suppose
23:26:09 <stepcut> though I personally never use it
23:26:22 <stepcut> maybe someone who uses it should write that section :)
23:26:33 <stepcut> I think I don't use it because I use formlets instead
23:26:51 <stepcut> though there is some new formlets replacement that looks interesting (similar idea, but better execution)
23:29:47 <HugoDaniel2> ah hmm
23:29:54 <HugoDaniel2> i never quite understood formlets
23:29:55 <HugoDaniel2> :/
23:30:05 <HugoDaniel2> i guess im getting old
23:33:15 <HugoDaniel2> here is my Server.hs
23:33:17 <HugoDaniel2> http://hpaste.org/40564/server
23:33:26 <HugoDaniel2> any ideas on getting this more readable ?
23:33:33 <HugoDaniel2> besides adding comments :P
23:37:14 <HugoDaniel2> weee
23:37:22 <HugoDaniel2> hlint did showed some interesting stuff :D
23:41:09 <HugoDaniel2> here it is fixed:
23:41:11 <HugoDaniel2> http://hpaste.org/40565/serverhs_with_some_hlint_stu
23:41:17 <HugoDaniel2> now only some eta reduces appears
23:41:23 <HugoDaniel2> but i think these are related to happstack
23:43:47 <stepcut> how about usinsg msum instead of mappend
23:44:36 <stepcut> in controller
23:44:41 <stepcut> funny that you used msum everywhere else
23:44:59 <HugoDaniel2> :D
23:45:59 <HugoDaniel2> i keep copy pasting controller from old code
23:46:16 <stepkut> heh