00:05:49 <stepcut> :)
00:33:39 <stepcut> I should break happstack more often so that we get some discussion in here :)
00:41:19 <McManiaC> haha
00:41:24 <McManiaC> maybe
00:41:26 <McManiaC> ...not
00:41:26 <McManiaC> :P
00:53:11 <stepkut> :)
00:53:22 <stepkut> well.. maybe people should just talk more.. and blog more :)
00:55:23 <McManiaC> I started hacking on a markup-template-skripting engine today :>
00:58:34 <Entroacceptor> well, I got addicted to Starcraft lately
00:58:43 <Entroacceptor> so not much time to program :)
00:59:21 <McManiaC> :D
00:59:47 <Entroacceptor> but I managed to kind of resolve my menu building
01:01:04 <McManiaC> menu building?
01:01:20 <Entroacceptor> I had some trouble building hierarchical menus for the website
01:02:17 <stepkut> have you seen the blog post on using comonads to build menus?
01:02:31 <Entroacceptor> I think I did
01:02:34 <Entroacceptor> it confused me
01:02:40 <McManiaC> which one?
01:02:41 <stepkut> actuall, you might have been the one that showed it to me :)
01:02:46 <stepkut> it was confusing, but cool :)
01:02:51 <Entroacceptor> :)
01:02:59 <Entroacceptor> and it didn't really help my cause so far
01:03:18 <stepkut> http://fmapfixreturn.wordpress.com/2008/07/09/comonads-in-everyday-life/
01:03:20 <stepkut> :)
01:03:33 <Entroacceptor> maybe, if I can abstract the stuff enough...
01:03:43 <Entroacceptor> stepkut: yes, I was the one who pasted that
01:03:52 <McManiaC> uh
01:03:54 <McManiaC> too long for now
01:03:55 <McManiaC> :D
01:04:11 <McManiaC> *bookmark*