21:10:42 <stepkut> if wonder if you could use hint to interact with MACID
21:13:10 <McManiaC>  8169 nils      20   0  770M  751M  9416 S  0.0 11.8  1h40:00 ./npaste +RTS -c
21:13:12 <McManiaC> stepkut: :(
21:13:24 <stepkut> we should fix that
21:13:29 <stepkut> is the source available?
21:14:26 <McManiaC> jup
21:14:31 <McManiaC> I dont have the time to fix it tho :(
21:14:42 <stepkut> where is the source ?
21:14:48 <McManiaC> http://github.com/mcmaniac/npaste.de
21:23:51 <stepkut> highlighting-kate takes a long time to build
21:32:30 <McManiaC> indeed
21:35:53 <stepkut> src/Paste/Login/Login.hs:75:57: Not in scope: `Auth.checkSalt'
21:36:28 <stepkut> looks like I need git head
21:37:32 <McManiaC> yep
21:39:12 <McManiaC> had to do a little change to get that back, since npaste is basicly using the Auth.Internal stuff only
21:39:15 <McManiaC> :D
21:40:59 <stepkut> you'll need another patch (unfortunately) when I push some changes to the cookie stuff
21:41:18 <stepkut> only a few lines though
21:42:00 <McManiaC> for auth?
21:42:06 <stepkut> yeah
21:42:09 <McManiaC> ok
21:42:11 <stepkut> or anything that uses cookies
21:42:37 <McManiaC> I'm already used to you breaking the api every now and then ;)
21:42:46 <stepkut> mostly you just change, addCookie 120 cookie, to addCookie (MaxAge 120) cookie
21:42:56 <McManiaC> alrighto
21:43:01 <stepkut> but you can now also specify, Session, Expires UTCTime, or Expired
21:43:12 <McManiaC> cool
21:43:21 <McManiaC> what does Session do?
21:43:38 <stepkut> it means it is a session cookie, so it will expire when the browser window is closed
21:43:42 <stepkut> it's in the haddock docs ;)
21:43:52 <stepkut> and will be in the tutorial section I am writing before I commit the patch
21:43:54 <McManiaC> ah okay
21:45:02 <stepkut> I am try to get as many of the API breaks in 0.6 as possible so it won't break much in the future
21:45:07 <stepkut> as much anyway
21:45:28 <stepkut> I'll know how much I broke it when I write the migration guide
21:46:05 <stepkut> once I commit this cookie patch, the only bug left for 0.6 is to catch IO execptions that accept() might throw and attempt to recover from them instead of crashing the server
21:46:05 <McManiaC> hehe
21:46:21 <stepkut> then the rest is just documentation and making sure it builds everywhere
21:46:39 <stepkut> and stress testing to make sure all the leaks are gone
21:46:55 <stepkut> can I just do, ./dist/build/npaste/npaste, or do I have do to something special ?
21:47:23 <McManiaC> no that should be fine
22:08:32 <stepkut> ok, there are two reasons why npaste does not work
22:08:46 <stepkut> you are running into this bug, which I now understand and will fix: 1. http://code.google.com/p/happstack/issues/detail?id=121
22:10:18 <stepkut> 2. i believe that getRecentPastes' calls mzero when, query (Auth.GetUser $ AuthD.Username user), returns Nothing. and that causes showIndex to 'fail'
22:11:43 <stepkut> I can fix #1, not sure what is really supposed to be happening with #2
22:12:04 <stepkut> though neither of them are the real issue -- the memory leak
22:12:15 <stepkut> so I can hack both of those issues out for now
22:18:36 <stepkut> with compressResponseFilter disabled and getRecentPastes commented out, I can do 10,000 request on the front page and memory usage stays flat at 17M RSS, 35MB virt
22:19:32 <stepkut> so, for now, I would recommend disabling compressResponseFilter, and fixing getRecentPastes, compile against darcs, and see if that fixes your issue
22:19:53 <stepkut> if not, then we can test more and see what page is actually causing the leak
22:23:19 <McManiaC> ok cool
22:23:50 <stepkut> I'll fix compressResponseFilter in the next few days
22:24:02 <stepkut> it's now a release critical bug
22:24:08 <stepkut> I thought I was down to 1, but alas, I have 2 again :)
22:24:18 <McManiaC> hehe
22:24:24 <McManiaC> sorry :P
22:24:45 <stepkut> well, the bug was already reported, I just couldn't figure out how to reproduce it until now ;)