01:34:40 <stepkut> back.
05:14:36 <kfish> http://www.haskell.org/pipermail/haskell-cafe/2010-November/085773.html
05:15:33 <kfish> ^^ could suit happs (we already use gitit ;-)
11:15:48 <McManiaC> tokyo ^^
11:29:15 <Entroacceptor> mmh
12:28:42 <McManiaC> stepcut: did you have another look?
13:08:41 <HugoDaniel> --'
13:13:07 <McManiaC> HugoDaniel:  {-#
13:14:43 <Entroacceptor> parse error
13:15:22 <McManiaC> #-}
13:16:03 <McManiaC> unrecognised flag: parse error
13:16:04 <McManiaC> :D
13:17:50 <Entroacceptor> !flame McManiaC
13:17:56 <Entroacceptor> mpf
13:17:59 <McManiaC> :P
13:18:07 <McManiaC> #!/usr/env flame
13:18:07 <Entroacceptor> every channel should have a flaming bot
13:19:03 <McManiaC> I think I'm switching from happstack-state to haskelldb :S
13:19:21 <burp> haskelldb?
13:19:37 <burp> do you like it?
13:19:38 <Entroacceptor> !flame McManiaC
13:19:38 <river-tam> Dima and McManiaC were talking in English and understood each other perfectly
13:19:44 <Entroacceptor> ah, doesn't work :(
13:19:56 <burp> did a big version jump lately from 0.13 to 2.0 ;)
13:19:58 <McManiaC> burp: haven't used it yet
13:19:58 <McManiaC> :D
13:20:15 <burp> it's the only ORM-like thing there is, right?
13:20:16 <Entroacceptor> too many insider jokes
13:20:35 <burp> I don't know about 2.0, but 0.13 wasn't really usable :>
13:21:08 <burp> for a solid and comfortable interface, if you don't mind writing sql yourself, I recommend takusen
13:21:32 <burp> hm, but might be worth investigating haskelldb again
13:21:33 <McManiaC> I wish I could use the library we're working on at work
13:21:35 <burp> after it's new release now
13:21:39 <McManiaC> but it's far from being stable yet
13:21:39 <McManiaC> :D
13:22:16 <HugoDaniel> :D
13:23:00 <HugoDaniel> im changing my "ToHtml" typeclass to blaze-html
13:23:01 <McManiaC> allNames = [ n | User { hide = hidden, name = n } <- table "users", not hidden ]
13:23:57 <McManiaC> this will then be compiled down to sql, optimized (for complex queries) and run on the database
13:24:26 <McManiaC> HugoDaniel: yeh, I switched to blaze aswell
13:28:41 <HugoDaniel> i showed my html form generator to one of the plone main developers
13:29:13 <HugoDaniel> now they want to do something similar to that in ploneformgen
13:31:30 <McManiaC> plone?
13:31:41 <McManiaC> what html form generator?
14:23:54 <McManiaC> stepcut: npaste is back alive \o/
14:23:58 <McManiaC> I have no idea why lol
14:24:29 <McManiaC> I did reupload the state folder from my local machine (where everything worked fine)
14:24:40 <McManiaC> but I can't see whats different from that _state and my _state.backup
14:24:41 <McManiaC> :>
14:29:53 <McManiaC> stepcut: so, how could I migrate the old happstack-auth to the new one?
14:30:26 <McManiaC> they both use the same state-data-types but, apparently, from different modules
14:30:54 <McManiaC> (I just renamed Happstack.Auth.AuthState to Happstack.Auth.Internal.AuthState)
16:38:35 <stepkut> McManiaC: hmm, right now that is tricky
16:38:43 <stepkut> McManiaC: one of the issues to address for 7
16:40:20 <stepkut> McManiaC: the easiest way might be to make a checkpoint file that uses the old auth library. then edit the checkpoint file with a hex editor and change the name Happstack.Auth.AuthState to Happstack.Auth.Internal.AuthState :-/
16:41:22 <stepkut> a slightly better solution would be to write a simple program which reads a saved checkpoint file, lists all the component names, and allows you to rename them
16:43:50 <stepkut> http://code.google.com/p/happstack/issues/detail?id=128
16:46:14 <stepkut> even better would be to modify 'loadState' so that you can specify the previous name of a type
16:47:13 <stepkut> a different alternative would be to create a custom instance of Typeable that uses the old name for the type. But that does not really provide any migration path to the new name
16:49:27 <stepkut> need to get 6 out :-(
16:52:21 <McManiaC> stepkut: ok, thanks
16:52:26 <McManiaC> I'll see what I can do
16:52:37 <McManiaC> stepkut: whats left for 6?
16:52:42 <stepkut> this is probably one of the top 3 issues it fix for happstack-state
16:54:43 <stepkut> McManiaC: in terms of code: need to catch the out of file handles exception that accept() throws, need to not used -O0 to compile happstack-data under GHC 7
16:55:43 <stepkut> then write the migration guide, write 2 more sections in the crash course, write the release notes, update the website copy, migrate the haddock docs out of the main website app into a separate package and fix the haddock doc generation script
16:56:26 <stepkut> and lots of testing
16:56:40 <McManiaC> hm ok
16:57:19 <stepkut> the code fixes should be easy.. a few hours
17:13:40 <stepkut> oh, I also need to fix HSP to compile against GHC 7
17:21:50 <McManiaC> uh uh
17:22:00 <McManiaC> npaste.exe: too few bytes. Failed reading at byte position 4927347428056724994
17:22:01 <McManiaC> :>
17:23:49 <stepkut> apparently you modified a type with out providing migration ?
17:25:17 <McManiaC> is that a state error?
17:25:25 <stepkut> yes
17:25:28 <McManiaC> ok
17:25:47 <McManiaC> I modified the checkpoint to see if I can just edit Happstack.Auth into Happstack.Auth.Internal...
17:25:57 <stepkut> http://code.google.com/p/happstack/issues/detail?id=74
17:26:14 <McManiaC> ok
17:26:40 <McManiaC> march 09 :)
17:26:51 <stepkut> hmm. There may be a length at the beginning of the checkpoint file that would need to be updated as well :-/
17:30:54 <stepkut> at line 71, there is a function, loadState
17:30:56 <stepkut> http://code.google.com/p/happstack/issues/detail?id=74
17:30:58 <stepkut> oops
17:31:03 <stepkut> http://patch-tag.com/r/mae/happstack/snapshot/current/content/pretty/happstack-state/src/Happstack/State/Checkpoint.hs
17:31:29 <stepkut> and there is a, case M.lookup stateType (ctlComponentVersions ctl) of
17:31:51 <stepkut> that is where it is try to look up the components by their fully qualified type names
17:34:47 <McManiaC> npaste.exe: Couldn't find handler for event of type: Happstack.Auth.NewSession
17:34:48 <McManiaC> another error
17:34:49 <McManiaC> :<
17:35:24 <stepkut> you usually only get that if you did not list the auth component in the type Dependencies = .. list
17:36:56 <McManiaC> I did
17:37:11 <stepkut> oh
17:37:24 <stepkut> you have events after your last checkpoint
17:37:31 <McManiaC> oh
17:37:40 <stepkut> you should only do migration after a checkpoint
17:38:54 <McManiaC> ok
17:39:08 <McManiaC> so back to the main branch and rebuild
17:39:09 <McManiaC> :D
17:40:02 <McManiaC> btw, can I just delet all checkpoints/events but the last checkpoint?
17:44:17 <stepkut> possibly. If you delete events that happened after the last checkpoint, you might have to update the current-00000 file as well
17:44:32 <stepkut> but if you only delete things before the last checkpoint, you should be ok
17:45:15 <stepkut> so, you might be able to use this function to load the state a migrate the auth component name (not sure if I got the names right, you'll need to check that)
17:45:20 <stepkut> http://npaste.de/og/
17:45:32 <McManiaC> hmpf
17:45:36 <McManiaC> npaste.exe: too few bytes. Failed reading at byte position 4927347428056724994 -- again
17:46:32 <McManiaC> ok, I'll check that script
17:47:13 <stepkut> actually, you will need a little more glue code, to calculate the cutoff
17:47:47 <stepkut> look at readState http://patch-tag.com/r/mae/happstack/snapshot/current/content/pretty/happstack-state/src/Happstack/State/Checkpoint.hs
17:48:00 <stepkut> i mean, restoreState
17:48:07 <stepkut> which calls loadState
17:48:31 <stepkut> 7 will do something more sensible for sure
17:49:33 <McManiaC> btw, just curious, are you getting paid for all that work?
17:49:56 <stepkut> hard to say
17:50:34 <McManiaC> I saw that you're working for some web developing company :)
17:50:56 <stepkut> yes. We use happstack so we need it to work. But my job is not actually to make happstack work.
17:51:15 <McManiaC> hehe ok
17:51:17 <stepkut> I have to actually build the real apps we are developing *using* happstack
17:51:42 <McManiaC> but happstack itself is your freetime project?
17:51:51 <stepkut> yes
17:51:57 <stepkut> among other things