10:36:39 <HugoDaniel> hey
10:37:59 <HugoDaniel> i want to do a quick and dirty user registration page
10:38:07 <HugoDaniel> how do i set it up with happstack ?
10:38:12 <HugoDaniel> are there any already built modules ?
14:32:00 <HugoDaniel> http://codebits.eu/intra/s/project/138
14:32:01 <HugoDaniel> here
14:32:11 <HugoDaniel> im going to dedicate 48H of my life coding that thing :)
14:39:03 <HugoDaniel> here is the abstract
14:39:06 <HugoDaniel> "Haskell module for several known web services, like twitter, facebook, google, etc..."
15:36:45 <stepcut> HugoDaniel: happstack-auth?
15:36:58 <stepcut> HugoDaniel: there is also the authenticate library, if you want to use openid
15:41:26 <HugoDaniel> oh cool
16:57:50 <stepkut> hmm. I wonder if I should refactor happstack-server a bit more so that you could use the low-level HTTP backend without pulling in the high-level stuff (like RqData). Might be a good step towards eventually replacing the backend with something else..
17:02:57 <stepkut> I'll give it a try once everything else is done
17:03:21 <stepkut> if it is going to happen, it should happen for happstack 6
17:27:10 <HugoDaniel> hmm
17:28:33 <HugoDaniel> i like libcurl for that kind of stuff
17:28:46 <HugoDaniel> surely working on top of an abstraction would be nice
17:28:52 <stepkut> um..
17:29:06 <stepkut> libcurl is a client, I am talking about the server side..
17:29:12 <HugoDaniel> yes
17:29:37 <HugoDaniel> most web api's work with http get and return json
17:30:12 <stepkut> I am not seeing how this is relevant yet. :(
17:30:30 <HugoDaniel> its not
17:30:34 <stepkut> ok :)
20:49:56 <stepkut> ok, pushed a nice patch to Happstack.Server.FileServe which cleans that module up