09:13:56 <McManiaC> stepcut:
09:13:57 <McManiaC> Registering happstack-util-0.5.1...
09:13:57 <McManiaC> Resolving dependencies...
09:13:57 <McManiaC> cabal: dependencies conflict: happstack-util-0.5.1 requires directory
09:13:57 <McManiaC> == however
09:14:00 <McManiaC> directory- was excluded because happstack-util-0.5.1 requires directory
09:14:02 <McManiaC> ==
14:54:55 <knobo> does happs have SMTP client?
16:46:57 <stepcut> knobo: for sending mail ?
16:48:35 <stepcut> knobo: in 0.5 there is some stuff that leverages SMTPClient, for 6 we extracted that functionality and added it to the SMTPClient library itself. So it is better to just use that library directly
19:37:13 <knobo``> stepkut: thanks
19:38:08 <stepcut> there is also the new mime-mail package
19:38:20 <stepcut> though it does not do smtp yet I think