17:09:01 <Entroacceptor> quietly updating state? :)
17:09:36 <stepkut> Entroacceptor: referring to the new upload to hackage?
17:09:41 <Entroacceptor> yep
17:09:53 <stepkut> I wish. It is just a patch for GHC 7 backported from devel.
17:11:11 <stepkut> I will announce it on the mailing list as soon as I fix the other issue (updating the darcs send address for happstack-stable)
17:20:04 <Entroacceptor> I should subscribe one of these days....
17:20:17 <stepkut> :)
17:20:27 <stepkut> it's very low traffic
17:20:37 <stepkut> sadly ;)
17:21:01 <stepkut> There are 3357 total since the list was started
17:21:15 <stepkut> 723 threads
17:21:28 <Entroacceptor> ... or not
17:21:37 <Entroacceptor> it requires a google account?
17:22:20 <stepkut> :-/
17:22:33 <stepkut> I hope not
17:25:05 <HugoDaniel> :)
17:25:05 <Entroacceptor> ok, it should work without
17:25:17 <HugoDaniel> im working with ghc 7 on one of my dev machines
17:25:24 <HugoDaniel> vector-algorithms fails to compile :/
17:25:36 <stepkut> I think you can just put in an email address you want to have messages sent to, like a normal mailing list
17:25:47 <stepkut> HugoDaniel: :-/
17:25:56 <stepkut> HugoDaniel: does happstack require that ?
17:26:13 <HugoDaniel> i dont know, let me try to install happstack then and check whats happening
17:26:28 <HugoDaniel> criterion requires it
17:26:45 <Entroacceptor> stepkut: can't find how
17:27:01 <stepkut> the big blocker in happstack and GHC 7 is HSP. You can install happstack-state and happstack-server, but not the happstack package itself.
17:27:43 <HugoDaniel> :)
17:27:51 <HugoDaniel> happstack-server fits all of my needs
17:28:08 <stepkut> Entroacceptor: hmm...
17:28:13 <stepkut> Entroacceptor: I see what you mean
17:28:21 <stepkut> Entroacceptor: you hates the google?
17:30:04 <stepkut> Entroacceptor: try sending an email to HAppS+subscribe@googlegroups.com
17:30:15 <stepkut> http://groups.google.com/support/bin/answer.py?hl=en&answer=46606
17:30:38 <stepkut> http://groups.google.com/support/bin/answer.py?hl=en&answer=46438
17:32:36 <Entroacceptor> thanks
17:32:45 <stepkut> i should add that to the website
18:15:17 <stepcut> I created a bug to add that to the website :p
18:15:46 <stepcut> I have a bunch of other updates to make for the upcoming release, so I'll do it then
18:19:11 <Entroacceptor> good :)
18:36:49 <HugoDaniel> :)
18:36:59 <HugoDaniel> happstack-server and happstack-state working fine with ghc 7
18:37:04 <HugoDaniel> good stuff :)
18:37:11 <HugoDaniel> now i only need haddcok
18:37:17 <HugoDaniel> haddock