13:24:35 <jaspervdj> I wrote a Happstack backend for digestive-functors
13:24:57 <jaspervdj> http://github.com/jaspervdj/digestive-functors-happstack
13:25:27 <jaspervdj> Usage example: https://github.com/jaspervdj/digestive-functors/blob/master/examples/Happstack.lhs
13:25:39 <jaspervdj> digestive-functors is a formlets overhaul BTW
15:06:57 <stepcut> jaspervdj: interesting.. I have some code for using digestive-functors+HSP+happstack. Would be interesting to see how they compare
16:09:50 <jaspervdj> stepcut: Yes, I remember digestive-functors-hsp :-)
16:10:08 <jaspervdj> I actually want to move blaze from digestive-functors to digestive-functors-blaze
16:10:12 <jaspervdj> to make it all a bit fair
16:11:52 <stepcut> yeah
16:12:09 <stepcut> though, maybe blaze is in the haskell platform /
16:12:55 <stepcut> hmm, I don't see it in there yet
16:14:29 <jaspervdj> I would know if it was there :-D
22:58:56 <McManiaC> hey, I need a quick hint: I have two functions, one of type "Either err a" and the second of type "Either err b" - is there a combinator in Control.Monad (or something like that) to give me [err] of these functions?
22:59:24 <McManiaC> I'd put them in a list and to something like "map getLeft" but that won't work because of a vs b :>
23:00:11 <McManiaC> > lefts [Right "", Right False] -- fails of course
23:00:12 <lambdabot>   Couldn't match expected type `[GHC.Types.Char]'
23:00:12 <lambdabot>         against inferred ty...
23:00:41 <McManiaC> and I dont wanna use case of... since I actually got a few more than just those two functions :)
23:09:33 <aavogt> @ty [ \k -> k (Right ()), \k -> k (Right 3), \k -> k (Left 3), \k -> k (Left 4) ] :: [ (forall a. Either Int a -> r) -> r ]
23:09:34 <lambdabot> forall r. [(forall a. Either Int a -> r) -> r]
23:59:31 <stepcut> @ty fst . partitionEithers
23:59:32 <lambdabot> forall a b. [Either a b] -> [a]