00:24:39 <Entroacceptor> stepcut: that's what you use for unit testing? ;)
02:44:56 <Entroacceptor> anyone up to help me install digestive-functors-happstack?
17:38:19 <stepcut> Entroacceptor: what seems to be the issue ?
17:38:49 <stepcut> Entroacceptor: the digestive-functors-happstack library is  built against stable, so if you are running against darcs it won't work out of the box
17:39:23 <Entroacceptor> oh
17:39:29 <Entroacceptor> haven't thought about that
17:39:38 <Entroacceptor> but I used the d-f-git
17:44:19 <jaspervdj> Entroacceptor: there isn't a lot of differences between df-git and df on hackage