11:43:36 <Entroacceptor> ACTION looks at topic
11:43:46 <Entroacceptor> building a web app ^^
11:44:21 <Entroacceptor> and I wish you had pleasant seasonal festivities, if you're into that.
14:14:54 <HugoDaniel> hello
14:23:12 <Entroacceptor> hello
14:38:07 <HugoDaniel> hey Entroacceptor
16:10:04 <Entroacceptor> if you want to know why web security is important... http://events.ccc.de/congress/2010/wiki/Hacked
16:41:26 <HugoDaniel> :D
16:41:39 <HugoDaniel> i am also watching ccc
16:41:56 <HugoDaniel> too bad this year it got sold out
16:41:59 <HugoDaniel> next year is the camp
16:47:34 <Entroacceptor> oh
16:47:46 <Entroacceptor> won't it be in 2012?
16:48:04 <Entroacceptor> and I'm sad I didn't go there this year
16:48:26 <Entroacceptor> (to the congress, I mean)
16:58:02 <HugoDaniel> the camp is every 4 years, the last one was in 2007
16:58:42 <Entroacceptor> it's every two years, and I confused the years, obviously
16:59:31 <burp> there is the camp and the congress
16:59:43 <burp> congress is each year
17:00:52 <Entroacceptor> I haven't been to a single camp :(
17:05:25 <HugoDaniel> im not much into security, but its a nice place to be
17:06:09 <Entroacceptor> there's a Hackerspace in HH
17:06:14 <Entroacceptor> I should visit it more often
23:11:36 <HugoDaniel> hi
23:12:37 <Entroacceptor> hi again
23:13:31 <HugoDaniel> hey Entroacceptor
23:13:34 <Entroacceptor> :)
23:13:47 <HugoDaniel> what project are you working on right now ?
23:14:28 <Entroacceptor> removing icecream from a bowl
23:14:33 <HugoDaniel> heh
23:14:39 <Entroacceptor> if you're talking about happstack
23:14:41 <Entroacceptor> still my cms
23:14:48 <Entroacceptor> I'm doing it slowly
23:15:56 <HugoDaniel> :)
23:16:11 <HugoDaniel> okey
23:16:40 <HugoDaniel> ive been thinking about the cms of the future for quite some weeks now
23:17:08 <Entroacceptor> well, it's obvious the one I'm thinking of
23:17:30 <Entroacceptor> obviously
23:17:33 <HugoDaniel> :)
23:18:00 <HugoDaniel> where do you live ?
23:18:30 <Entroacceptor> a/s/l plz?
23:18:35 <Entroacceptor> in Hamburg
23:20:11 <HugoDaniel> :)
23:20:13 <HugoDaniel> ah
23:21:11 <HugoDaniel> i use joomla and plone a lot
23:21:20 <HugoDaniel> i dont like them :/
23:21:28 <HugoDaniel> but i have to work with them daily
23:21:28 <Entroacceptor> I used a bit of joomla when it was called mambo
23:21:32 <Entroacceptor> I hated it
23:21:36 <HugoDaniel> yeh
23:21:42 <Entroacceptor> didn't try plone
23:21:49 <Entroacceptor> and I've seen some typo3 used
23:21:51 <HugoDaniel> thats why i keep on thinking about ways to do it right :/
23:22:09 <Entroacceptor> oh, I do that anyway
23:23:20 <Entroacceptor> maybe a problem is that I want to satisfy the needs of
23:23:24 <Entroacceptor> a) my personal "homepage"
23:23:47 <Entroacceptor> (just a place to drop stuff)
23:23:57 <Entroacceptor> b) some gaming stuff I'm involved in
23:24:08 <Entroacceptor> c) the system we use at work
23:24:21 <Entroacceptor> hard to do all three at the same time
23:26:51 <HugoDaniel> ah hmm
23:29:40 <Entroacceptor> well
23:36:06 <Entroacceptor> so, what's your best cms idea?
23:39:18 <HugoDaniel> :D
23:39:20 <HugoDaniel> its the best
23:40:05 <Entroacceptor> erm
23:40:22 <Entroacceptor> zing!
23:40:26 <HugoDaniel> ah
23:40:27 <HugoDaniel> :D
23:40:30 <HugoDaniel> sorry
23:40:33 <HugoDaniel> this went off
23:40:42 <HugoDaniel> do you know yahoo pipes ?
23:40:57 <Entroacceptor> no
23:41:29 <HugoDaniel> yahoo pipes is a gui to manage feeds
23:41:39 <HugoDaniel> you can mangle feeds to your heart desire
23:41:52 <HugoDaniel> its a nice thing
23:42:28 <HugoDaniel> anyway, imo the coolest feat of yahoo pipes is the interface, the 2nd coolest is the mashup concept
23:42:46 <HugoDaniel> so..
23:42:54 <HugoDaniel> keeping a ui similar to yahoo pipes
23:43:46 <HugoDaniel> the cms of the future would mashup all the api's of the major web sites out there
23:44:06 <HugoDaniel> and glue them with very simple and pre-built modules
23:44:26 <HugoDaniel> html forms, html pages, javascript actions
23:44:31 <HugoDaniel> and thats it :)
23:44:40 <Entroacceptor> oh, you do that
23:44:49 <HugoDaniel> say
23:44:51 <HugoDaniel> you want login
23:44:54 <Entroacceptor> as addons to my stuff ;)
23:45:15 <HugoDaniel> just drag the facebook/google/twitter login module to your "mashup" webapp
23:45:52 <HugoDaniel> say you want photos, just drag the picasa/flickr/... to your mashup webapp
23:46:04 <HugoDaniel> mix them with a "tube" and there you go :P
23:46:54 <HugoDaniel> also, you want to do some crazy regex on some blog content... then use the yahoo pipes api to access prebuilt pipes for these kind of actions
23:47:13 <HugoDaniel> people dont want to have to register for a new website, it sucks, why not use facebook/gmail/twitter login ?
23:47:30 <HugoDaniel> ...samething with photos or whatever
23:47:37 <HugoDaniel> say you want a profile picture for each of your user
23:47:43 <HugoDaniel> just use the gravatar module
23:47:56 <HugoDaniel> and plug it with a pipe
23:48:08 <HugoDaniel> imo thats the way of the future
23:49:05 <Entroacceptor> mhm
23:49:08 <Entroacceptor> sounds good
23:49:17 <HugoDaniel> anyway this is just an idea
23:49:30 <Entroacceptor> well, OpenID exists
23:49:46 <HugoDaniel> yes, openid or whatever
23:50:20 <HugoDaniel> it is not "lets use openid for the login" kind of philosophy that plone uses
23:50:48 <HugoDaniel> but its the "lets use what already exists out there and glue it all together..."
23:50:52 <Entroacceptor> yes
23:52:09 <HugoDaniel> there is also tarpipe
23:52:13 <HugoDaniel> that tries to do this
23:52:19 <HugoDaniel> they are using erlang for the modules
23:52:24 <HugoDaniel> and moving very slowly
23:52:59 <HugoDaniel> http://tarpipe.com/
23:54:34 <HugoDaniel> and they are not creating websites
23:54:49 <HugoDaniel> anyway, my 2 cents
23:57:20 <Entroacceptor> so that's the opposite of a feed reader