09:54:02 <morbusg> hi, it seems I celebrated too soon regarding the installation going smoothly
09:55:24 <morbusg> wether it's from hackage or from darcs, happstack-util fails during the building phase. The exception was: ExitFailure 1
09:58:17 <morbusg> OSX 10.5.8, ghc-6.12.3 from Haskell Platform 2010.2.0.0-i386
16:20:15 <stepkut> morbusg: did it say anything useful before ExitFailure 1?
16:21:41 <stepkut> was it trying to build Happstack.Crypto.MD5 when it failed?
17:02:28 <morbusg> stepkut: yes, MD5
17:02:36 <stepcut> ok, one moment
17:03:54 <stepcut> ok, pull the latest patch from darcs and try again
17:12:06 <morbusg> Yes, that did it. Everything compiled fine. Thanks! :-)
17:12:36 <stepcut> nice!
17:12:41 <stepcut> thanks for the error reports!
17:13:25 <morbusg> heh, not much of a error report, but you're welcome
17:14:45 <stepcut> well, thanks in part to you, happstack now builds cleaning on more systems