00:08:56 <HugoDaniel> okey, i have it working now... this seems like a JS problem, but it works if i try the ajax connection for the 2nd time
00:09:10 <HugoDaniel> ill continue this tomorrow, thanks for the support :)
00:19:43 <stepkut> sweet! Happstack is vindicated!
17:44:42 <HugoDaniel> hi
17:44:46 <HugoDaniel> so
17:44:50 <HugoDaniel> for that timeout bug again
17:45:04 <HugoDaniel> i commented out the html line that includes my js code
17:45:39 <HugoDaniel> and the bug continued
17:45:42 <HugoDaniel> ...then
17:45:50 <HugoDaniel> i switched from firefox to google chrome
17:45:50 <HugoDaniel> and
17:46:01 <HugoDaniel> this is what showed up in my debug handle
17:46:02 <HugoDaniel> http://hpaste.org/43308/happstack_buggy
17:46:56 <stepcut> hmm
17:47:04 <stepcut> that doesn't really illuminate much
17:47:29 <HugoDaniel> yeah :/
17:47:33 <stepcut> all I notice is that multiple threads are trying to write to stdout/stderr at the same time
17:47:47 <stepcut> which makes it hard to follow
18:06:16 <HugoDaniel> ill try to see if this is related to the file handle in happstack
18:07:31 <stepcut> k
22:38:05 <stepcut> writing the Happstack 6 release notes now so that I don't have to write them later :p