21:50:24 <stepkut> updated the site to mention that darcs is recommended over hackage at the moment
22:04:59 <FireSnake> is it supposed to take 40 minutes to download the darcs version?
22:05:15 <FireSnake> because my terminal says copying and I started at 4:18
22:05:20 <FireSnake> I have DSL/high speed too
22:05:45 <FireSnake> I have a happstack directory but no happstack-util yet so I can't run the rest of the instructions
22:21:47 <stepkut> FireSnake: nope
22:22:04 <stepkut> FireSnake: should take less than a minute I would think
22:22:21 <FireSnake> I got 2 bugs it says
22:22:35 <stepkut> :-/
22:22:45 <FireSnake> one at src/URL.hs
22:22:57 <stepkut> I would probably kill it an try again
22:23:11 <FireSnake> thanks
22:24:25 <FireSnake> another possible bug in URL.waitnexturl curl_multi_perform no handles
22:24:37 <stepkut> hmm that is not normal
22:24:50 <FireSnake> no running handles sorry
22:25:24 <FireSnake> copying pristine 36 done 21 queued
22:25:28 <stepkut> I am trying it to see if it works for me
22:25:47 <FireSnake> frozen at build.sh
22:25:48 <stepkut> worked fine for me
22:26:03 <stepkut> darcs -v ?
22:28:58 <FireSnake> 2.4.4
22:29:05 <FireSnake> what's yours?
22:29:22 <stepkut> 2.4.1 on ubuntu lucid
22:29:39 <FireSnake> ok so must be the new darcs
22:30:00 <stepkut> perhaps.. I have seen this error before I think. I just don't remember when
22:34:04 <stepkut> ACTION ponders a work-around
22:35:47 <stepkut> how did you install darcs?
22:36:23 <stepkut> I think when I saw the error it was actually dependent on which version of GHC darcs was compiled with
22:37:34 <stepkut> oh, it could just be that 2.4.4 is broken, http://www.mail-archive.com/haskell-cafe@haskell.org/msg85483.html