00:15:17 <FireSnake> stepkut thanks so much -- I just have to figure out how to install the new versions
01:29:36 <FireSnake> i got happstack-facebook to install from the darcs, now the examples don't work -- they're not importing things like hsp
01:35:23 <stepkut> which examples?
01:36:53 <stepkut> you might need to install happstack-hsp
01:39:58 <stepkut> HSP used to be required, but not it is optional
01:47:51 <FireSnake> not sure I understand, I see happstack-hsp in my happstack darcs directory, you're saying the build script no longer requires it?
01:47:57 <FireSnake> So I have to change the build script?
01:55:18 <stepcut> the build script only builds it if you have the HSP library installed
01:55:39 <stepcut> you can just cd into happstack-hsp and run, cabal install, and that should get you started
01:57:59 <FireSnake> happstack-hsp is installed, but when I runghc Demo.hs in the examples directory of happstack-facebook it says could not find module `HSP'
01:59:10 <FireSnake> and hsp is also installed in the ~/.cabal/lib directory, as is happstack-hsp
02:01:47 <stepcut> hm
02:01:48 <stepcut> one moment
02:02:53 <stepkut> :-l
02:02:56 <stepkut> mysterious
02:03:24 <FireSnake> do you have the same problem when you run it?
02:03:38 <stepkut> no
02:03:47 <stepkut> I do get other others, but not that one
02:04:03 <FireSnake> what was that export thing you did earlier
02:04:10 <FireSnake> export LD_LIBRARY
02:04:14 <FireSnake> something
02:04:19 <FireSnake> maybe that's what I'm doing wrong
02:04:29 <FireSnake> not exporting a load directory or something
02:04:51 <FireSnake> but if I see ~/.cabal/bin has the modules I can't imagine
02:04:55 <stepkut> I didn't do anything wih LD_LIBRARY.. that was someone else
02:05:00 <FireSnake> gotcha
02:05:04 <stepkut> hold on I have a 3 year old running around
02:05:11 <FireSnake> k gotcha
02:05:12 <stepkut> I can look at this in 45 mins or so
02:05:23 <FireSnake> no problem thanks so much
04:48:09 <stepcut> hmm. TCP_NOPUSH is broken on OS X. I wonder if it is really buying us anything on linux anyway
10:41:09 <evgeny> Which of html template engines are convenient to use?
10:41:49 <evgeny> Is there an engine that embedds all strings into binary?
11:15:05 <Entroacceptor> a) all of them ;)
11:16:31 <Entroacceptor> b) heist, hsp, blazehtml
11:16:38 <Entroacceptor> if that's what you mean?
11:17:29 <HugoDaniel> hellow
11:17:30 <HugoDaniel> http://finger-tree.blogspot.com/2011/02/storing-passwords-securely-in-haskell.html
11:26:11 <Entroacceptor> HugoDaniel: nice!
11:35:21 <HugoDaniel> :)
11:40:11 <evgeny> Entroacceptor: thanks
11:41:42 <evgeny> I'm going to write small program which converts plain html into haskell source for including in a program
11:41:48 <evgeny> does it make sense?
11:42:43 <evgeny> I'm just afraid of template haskell
16:00:07 <stepkut> evgeny: maybe you want HStringTemplate ?
16:01:24 <stepkut> evgeny: i guess that does not embed everything into the binary
16:01:34 <stepkut> evgeny: HSP or blaze will
16:17:20 <evgeny_> stepkut: I've seen this libraries. I think my approach is suitable
16:19:26 <stepcut> evgeny: ok