15:42:44 <HugoDaniel> http://hpaste.org/43783/some_simple_type_classes
15:42:47 <HugoDaniel> :/
15:48:08 <stepkut`> :/
15:48:18 <evgeny_> what is it?
15:50:06 <HugoDaniel> i usually end up using those single-function typeclasses
15:50:19 <HugoDaniel> it just feels wrong :/
15:51:41 <stepkut> HugoDaniel: there are many standard typeclasses that are effectively single-function, Show, Read, Eq, Functor, etc..
15:53:37 <HugoDaniel> hmm
15:54:04 <HugoDaniel> i really like creating my functions with type variables, but i end up with some of those also
15:56:13 <stepkut> the problem I usually have with type-classes like, ToHtml is that I invariably end up have some classes where I need to pass extra values in to correctly generate the Html. But there is no good way to do it
16:22:58 <Entroacceptor> toHTML context a
16:23:35 <stepkut> Entroacceptor: except different values of 'a' have different contexts
16:23:45 <Entroacceptor> really?
16:23:57 <stepkut> Entroacceptor: in the cases I was dealing with, yes
16:30:06 <HugoDaniel> hmm
16:30:12 <HugoDaniel> i usually define newtypes
16:30:24 <HugoDaniel> and instances of that ToHtml class for those newtypes
16:31:07 <HugoDaniel> that way i get context generation and type-safety
16:33:59 <stepkut> that works in some cases, but not always
16:34:51 <stepkut> but if it is working in your cases, then that is good :)
16:35:03 <HugoDaniel> like for instance, if i want to generate the html for the form attributes then "newtype FormAttributes = FormAttributes Form"
16:35:36 <HugoDaniel> and then the instance to FormAttributes sorts it out
16:35:44 <HugoDaniel> yeah, i can imagine a few where this breaks :/
21:48:52 <HugoDaniel_II> hi
21:49:04 <stepkut> hi
21:49:08 <stepkut> hi_II
21:49:10 <HugoDaniel_II> anyone knows of a DSL to generate SQL ?
21:49:10 <HugoDaniel_II> :D
21:49:15 <stepkut> haskelldb
21:49:26 <HugoDaniel_II> is it still updated ?
21:49:36 <HugoDaniel_II> didn't the guys from haskelldb all died in a car crash or something ?
21:50:01 <stepkut> beats me.. I sent some patches to it many years ago, but then decided I would much prefer to just use MACID
21:50:11 <HugoDaniel_II> oh, nov. 2010
21:50:27 <HugoDaniel_II> yeah, im going to use macid too in the near future
21:50:41 <HugoDaniel_II> oh, haskelldb doesn't support sql create table, and schemas
21:50:45 <stepkut> oh look! I'm listed on the author line!
21:51:06 <stepkut> I hope I didn't die in a car crash :(
21:51:17 <HugoDaniel_II> ahah
21:51:19 <HugoDaniel_II> sorry :)
21:51:28 <HugoDaniel_II> i just thought that the project was long dead
21:51:43 <HugoDaniel_II> i take my word back
21:52:26 <stepkut> if you look throw the revision history, there was long gaps between 0.10 0.12 and 0.13, then it start picking up steam
21:52:37 <stepkut> so I think it was revived a bit in 2010
21:53:03 <HugoDaniel_II> yeah, indeed
21:53:20 <stepkut> so, I think the performance issues in happstack have been fixed now !
21:54:57 <stepkut> and I got to drop some dependencies as a bonus !
21:57:17 <HugoDaniel_II> :D
21:57:19 <HugoDaniel_II> sweet stuff
21:59:14 <stepkut> so, now I just need to test that it still all works on linux, OS X, freebsd, and windows
21:59:37 <stepkut> and then we can release it, or something..
22:01:07 <HugoDaniel_II> :)
22:01:41 <HugoDaniel_II> i can help you with the windows, linux and freebsd parts of it
22:02:30 <stepkut> cool
22:02:47 <stepkut> just need to test that it builds and appears to server requests normally
22:05:29 <HugoDaniel_II> oh, nice
22:05:36 <HugoDaniel_II> do you want me to do it right now ?
22:06:27 <HugoDaniel_II> do you want to test it with ghc 6.12.3 or ghc 7 ?
22:06:31 <stepkut> no, there is other stuff I have to do for the release anyway
22:06:41 <HugoDaniel_II> ok
22:06:44 <stepkut> either
22:06:48 <stepkut> I am mostly testing with GHC 7
22:06:51 <HugoDaniel_II> okey
22:07:01 <stepkut> but GHC 6.12.3 is still officially supported
22:07:05 <stepkut> so we should test that too :)
22:07:10 <HugoDaniel_II> i have a freebsd 8 with ghc 6.12.3 and a freebsd 7.3 with ghc 7
22:07:15 <stepkut> cool
22:07:23 <HugoDaniel_II> ill test in them both
22:07:35 <stepkut> I have a freebsd virtual box around somewhere. But I think it has GHC 6.10 on it
22:08:17 <HugoDaniel_II> :)