02:33:16 <rostayob> is there an easy way to execute some "setup" script at the first execution of the webapp?
02:38:54 <stepcut> not built into happstack
02:39:50 <rostayob> stepcut: ok, thanks. So I'll have to run something manually before
02:40:01 <stepcut> what sort of setup are you trying to do ?
02:40:10 <rostayob> stepcut: setup couchdb views
02:40:49 <stepcut> rostayob: ah.. one of those things I don't have to deal with since I didn't ditch MACID :p
02:41:14 <rostayob> stepcut: eheh, I tried, I tried hard
02:41:20 <stepcut> i know
02:41:44 <stepcut> you'll be back someday ;)
02:41:49 <rostayob> I probably will
02:42:44 <rostayob> also, another thing that complicates everything
02:42:51 <rostayob> is text encoding in haskell
02:43:05 <rostayob> ByteString, Text, UStrings...
02:46:40 <rostayob> stepcut: what would you suggest to have in the application data types? ByteStrings I guess right?
02:47:24 <stepcut> for strings I use Text
02:47:53 <stepcut> ByteStrings are the wrong tool for the job when it comes to string processing
02:48:39 <rostayob> right, so you convert every http input/output
02:49:06 <stepcut> sure
02:49:28 <rostayob> ok, thanks
02:50:41 <stepcut> oh.  hmmm. I added lookText to RqData, but forgot to export it :-/
02:55:04 <stepcut> uploaded a new version of happstack-server with lookText export from Happstack.Server.RqData
02:55:09 <stepcut> haven't updated the online docs yet
02:55:33 <rostayob> stepcut: kk, thanks
02:56:01 <stepcut> I used digestive-functors instead of RqData so I didn't notice :)
02:56:25 <rostayob> stepcut: that would be the same for me most of times
02:56:42 <rostayob> stepcut: is there any source code available for a real world happstack website?
02:57:26 <stepcut> hmm
02:57:53 <stepcut> the source for happstack.com and patch-tag.com are available.. but they are not shining examples of best practices
02:58:41 <stepcut> anything in particular you are looking to find out ?
02:58:42 <rostayob> does patch-tag rely just on happstack-state?
02:58:46 <stepcut> yep
02:58:57 <rostayob> no I'm just looking for docs :P
02:58:59 <rostayob> but there are none
02:59:03 <rostayob> so I collect source lol
02:59:09 <stepcut> docs for what parts ?
02:59:40 <rostayob> right now, web routes and hsp
02:59:54 <stepcut> ah yeah.. those are on the short-list for things to document next
03:00:02 <rostayob> but hsp seems straight forward
03:00:08 <stepcut> mostly
03:00:11 <rostayob> but I don't know how it works
03:00:13 <rostayob> for example
03:00:16 <rostayob> is it String-based?
03:00:23 <stepcut> there are a few tricks
03:00:35 <rostayob> do I get a monad transformer? stuff like that
03:01:17 <stepcut> hsp is not specifically Strin vs Text. It depends on what monad you use.
03:01:32 <stepcut> There is an instance of XMLGenerator for ServerPartT
03:02:01 <stepcut> so rather than getting a new monad transformer, you can leverage an existing one
03:02:17 <rostayob> stepcut: type HSP = HSPT IO ?
03:02:22 <rostayob> stepcut: oh, ok.
03:02:22 <stepcut> yeah
03:02:33 <stepcut> but I don't use the HSP / HSPT monads myself
03:02:36 <rostayob> these are the things that I'm not able to find out alone
03:02:37 <stepcut> did you see the guestbook example ?
03:03:06 <rostayob> stepcut: nope
03:04:05 <stepcut> rostayob: http://patch-tag.com/r/mae/happstack/snapshot/current/content/pretty/happstack/templates/project
03:05:00 <stepcut> rostayob: you can run, happstack new project guestbook, to create a local copy of that source in the 'guestbook' directory
03:05:55 <rostayob> ok, thanks!
03:11:58 <rostayob> stepcut: you guys forget to add some packages to the cabal file
03:12:07 <stepcut> :(
03:12:18 <stepcut> I thought I tested that
03:12:21 <stepcut> what package ?
03:13:12 <stepcut> mae: boing
03:13:30 <rostayob> stepcut: happstack-hsp and happstack-hstringtemplate
03:13:33 <rostayob> to build-depends
03:13:55 <stepcut> :-/ they seem to be listed in my copy
03:14:12 <rostayob> stepcut: also: http://hpaste.org/45097/guestbook
03:14:19 <rostayob> maybe I've got an outdate happstack, wait
03:14:23 <stepcut> http://patch-tag.com/r/mae/happstack/snapshot/current/content/pretty/happstack/templates/project/guestbook.cabal
03:14:26 <stepcut> line 40 and 41
03:15:33 <rostayob> mhm
03:15:38 <rostayob> happstack-6.0.0
03:16:21 <rostayob> stepcut: I have the latest hackage version, do I have to install the darcs one?
03:17:01 <stepcut> no..