19:08:42 <stepkut> test.
19:09:03 <HugoDaniel> :)
19:09:13 <stepkut> moving happstack.org to a new vps
19:09:22 <stepkut> wanted to make sure the channel logging still works
19:11:15 <HugoDaniel> :)
22:58:26 <Lemmih> RFC: http://hackage.haskell.org/package/acid-state
23:08:02 <stepkut> Lemmih: neat. I'll look at it tomorrow.
23:16:16 <stepkut> looks pretty
23:16:35 <stepkut> anything new yet? or just a clean reimplementation ?
23:16:57 <Lemmih> Just a clean reimplementaiton.
23:17:02 <Lemmih> The best thing about acid-state (besides it being robust/simple enough that I'd trust it with my data) is how easy it should be to implement multi-master replication and sharding.
23:17:14 <stepkut> yeah
23:17:36 <Lemmih> happstack-state got seriously harry at the end.
23:17:41 <stepkut> heh
23:18:43 <stepkut> acid-state + an improved ixset should be pretty nice
23:18:56 <stepkut> hopefully the kdtree thing will work out
23:20:08 <stepkut> the new code looks more organized and a lot shorter. How does it compare feature wise ?
23:20:33 <Lemmih> LT.
23:20:40 <Lemmih> Well, maybe not.
23:20:56 <Lemmih> It only has a file backend so there's no multimaster and no sharding.
23:21:25 <Lemmih> It doesn't implement components but it doesn't really have to.
23:21:35 <stepcut> right.. happstack-state does not have sharding either
23:21:53 <stepcut> why does it not need to implement components ?
23:23:06 <stepkut> looks like query and update now take an explict handle instead of a global IORef?
23:26:20 <stepkut> what is the plan for version migration ?
23:33:29 <Lemmih> I'm not quite sure.
23:33:54 <Lemmih> Yes, each state component is now explicit.
23:34:19 <Lemmih> And completely separete when using the disk backend.
23:42:09 <stepcut> Lemmih: excellent!
23:42:14 <stepcut> very exciting
23:42:41 <stepcut> hopefully we can deprecate happstack-state for happstack 7 and switch to acid-state
23:43:01 <Lemmih> Yeah, that would be great.
23:43:06 <stepcut> I know there are some other people interested in versioned data serialization and migration (outside of happstack)
23:43:19 <stepcut> it would be nice to deprecate happstack-data as well and use something off hackage
23:43:20 <Lemmih> It sucks having your name on something as ugly as happstack-state (:
23:43:26 <stepcut> :)
23:44:04 <stepcut> we are also looking at replacing the low-level http stuff with warp
23:44:15 <stepcut> the less code in happstack itself, the easier it is to maintain (hopefully)
23:45:05 <stepcut> dropping the 'happstack naming from the macid stuff is good too -- because people think you can only use it with happstack right now
23:45:49 <stepcut> gotta run to aerial circus class now. bbl.
23:45:55 <Lemmih> See ya.