05:40:22 <mafs> hm
05:40:45 <mafs> > simpleHTTP nullConf $ ok "Hi."
05:40:45 <lambdabot>   Not in scope: `simpleHTTP'Not in scope: `nullConf'Not in scope: `ok'
05:40:45 <mafs> *** Exception: getProtocolByName: does not exist (no such protocol name: tcp)
05:40:55 <mafs> Agh, hush lambdabot.
05:56:32 <stepcut> mafs: :-/
05:56:39 <stepcut> mafs: what OS ?
16:19:38 <mafs> stepcut: arch linux
16:48:30 <mafs> stepcut, stepkut: and that was from me installing it from hackage, btw
21:45:55 <stepkut> Lemmih: congrats on the release!