10:10:28 <Lemmih> Fixed another semi-bug in acidstate.
10:12:12 <Lemmih> Checkpoints blocked transactions.
14:27:36 <stepkut> Lemmih: spiffy
19:25:53 <Lemmih> Will announce acid-state-0.4 once the documentation is built on hackage.
19:26:36 <Lemmih> Testing would of course be appreciated.
19:26:42 <stepkut> cool
19:26:59 <stepkut> I have been using it. Not aggressively enough to turn up anything tricky
19:27:36 <stepkut> it works fine with the current IxSet (obviously) though the SafeCopy instance needs to live somewhere
19:30:40 <Lemmih> If you find that it breaks in ways that aren't covered by the error examples, let me know.
19:31:06 <stepkut> k
22:17:39 <Lemmih> Hm, I hope acid-state didn't crash hackage again.
22:28:00 <stepkut> heh
22:28:08 <stepkut> too much awesome
22:28:29 <stepkut> is their unicode in the library or .cabal file somewher?
22:31:38 <Lemmih> No, it's just the standard 'cabal init' with a few additions. /-:
22:31:52 <Lemmih> And no unicode in the library.
22:32:02 <Lemmih> And 'cabal haddock' works fine locally.
22:34:24 <Lemmih> I don't even know what went wrong before.
22:37:32 <stepcut> :-/