14:32:10 <etarasov> does hsp allow to embed arbitraty text into haskell source or just xml ?
14:39:34 <etarasov> what is a good way to embed a string like this http://hpaste.org/46327/html_string ?
14:52:16 <siracusa> etarasov: If you don't need to embed the exact string, you could rewrite the string via hamlet.
14:52:20 <siracusa> @hackage hamlet
14:52:20 <lambdabot> http://hackage.haskell.org/package/hamlet
15:04:17 <stepcut> HSP only supports xml/html
15:04:29 <etarasov> siracusa: it's not very clear how to use it
15:04:50 <stepcut> etarasov: not quite sure I understand your question though.. what do you mean by 'embed arbitrary text into hasekll source'
15:05:48 <etarasov> stepcut: have a small tool that translates text file into http://hpaste.org/46327/html_string
15:06:31 <etarasov> I think it should be already implemented somewhere
15:06:49 <stepcut> for the stuff you have on hpaste, I would use a template system like HSP, hamlet, or even just blaze
15:07:43 <stepcut> but maybe I don't understand what you are trying to do
15:08:27 <etarasov> hw, does hamlet allow to add comments for css code?
15:09:47 <stepcut> beats me. I have not really used hamlet
15:10:09 <etarasov> I want to use very long String constant in my code, without type checking for xml and other facilities
15:11:06 <etarasov> still having ability to easily edit the string
15:11:24 <stepcut> why a string constant?
15:11:39 <etarasov> because it's simple
15:12:46 <etarasov> it's already tested by web-designers, and they don't want to use haskell edsl or whatever
15:13:01 <stepcut> maybe you want heist then ?
15:16:38 <Entroacceptor> etarasov: maybe hstringtemplate is for you, then
15:16:44 <Entroacceptor> no checking whatsoever :)
15:16:47 <stepcut> Entroacceptor: yeah
15:21:25 <etarasov> heist isn't my choise too
15:22:43 <etarasov> hstringtemplate is suitable, but it makes deployment more complicated because of additional files
15:22:59 <Entroacceptor> you can embed stringtemplates into your source
15:23:10 <Entroacceptor> you don't have to use external files
15:23:30 <stepcut> Entroacceptor: can you use external files, but use template haskell to embed them into your source?
15:23:51 <Entroacceptor> how should I know?
15:23:58 <Entroacceptor> I guess so
15:24:53 <Entroacceptor> if template haskell can do it, maybe
15:25:00 <Entroacceptor> ok, you loose file groups that way
15:25:01 <etarasov> last time I checked hstringtemplate it wasn't able to work without files
15:25:37 <Entroacceptor> let t = newSTMP "Hello $name$" :: StringTemplate String
15:25:54 <Entroacceptor> oh, I haven't read that paste of yours
15:27:42 <siracusa> There's also Bravo which can create templates from Strings.
15:30:03 <Entroacceptor> oh, yes, bravo looks like he could want it
15:34:39 <etarasov> it's unsupported any more, isn't it?
15:35:31 <Entroacceptor> maybe it still works...
15:36:34 <etarasov> thanks for the help
15:38:05 <etarasov> it's enough information to decide