20:19:55 <Lemmih> ACTION wonders if Paxos is necessary.
20:20:45 <stepkut> for multimaster acid-state
20:20:46 <stepkut> ?
20:21:19 <Lemmih> Yeah.
20:21:49 <stepkut> no idea :)
20:30:13 <Lemmih> I don't like that Paxos requires a leader but I'm not sure how to get around it.
20:30:42 <stepkut> yeah
20:36:59 <Lemmih> Maybe the fall-over is fast enough.
20:39:28 <Lemmih> 100k transactions in 4.8s with +RTS -A10M -RTS (:
20:40:19 <Lemmih> 1 MUT second. 3.8 gc time.
20:40:42 <stepkut> nice
20:41:16 <stepkut> I've been busy fixing / improving digestive-functors :-/
20:41:27 <Lemmih> Once cereal is fixed, we'll send less time generating garbage and less time collecting it.
20:41:34 <Lemmih> s/send/spend/
20:41:54 <stepkut> nice
20:42:07 <stepkut> is someone fixing it ?
20:42:13 <Lemmih> Nope.
20:42:18 <stepkut> sweet :)
20:43:00 <Lemmih> 100k in 2.7s with -A50M.
20:43:31 <Lemmih> 2s with -A100M.
20:44:10 <Lemmih> 50,000 transactions per second when each transaction allocates 100,000 bytes, not bad (:
20:45:02 <stepkut> nice
20:45:45 <Lemmih> 1.52s with -A500M. The end is near.
20:46:24 <Lemmih> Yeah, 1.50s with -A1G.
20:49:16 <stepkut> so 66,666 transactions per second
20:49:42 <Lemmih> The speed of the devil, yes.
20:51:01 <Lemmih> AcidState: purer than heaven, faster than hell.
20:51:39 <stepkut> heh
20:56:16 <Lemmih> Pure as heaven, fast as hell?
20:56:23 <Lemmih> Pure as snow, fast as hell?
20:56:41 <stepkut> :p
20:56:56 <Lemmih> ACTION is seriously considering making that the motto for acid-state.
20:57:19 <stepkut> ACTION approves
20:57:20 <Lemmih> Got suggestions? Which one do you prefer?
20:58:17 <stepkut> i liked heaven and hell.. but maybe because I heard that one first :)
20:58:40 <mightybyte> Heaven and hell is definitely the right juxtaposition there.
21:04:27 <Lemmih> One could make a distributed irc bot with acid-state.
21:04:57 <stepkut> Lemmih: I made one using happstack-state
21:05:06 <stepkut> Lemmih: I have a happstack-ircbot library as well
21:05:19 <Lemmih> And give cluster membership to those Haskell hackers that wanted it.
21:05:25 <stepkut> yep
21:05:33 <stepkut> that was the idea
21:05:54 <stepkut> at the time lambdabot was going down a lot
21:05:55 <Lemmih> Dammit, here I thought I was original (:
21:06:38 <stepkut> http://src.seereason.com/happs-bot/
21:06:39 <Entroacceptor> happstack-ircbot?
21:06:44 <stepkut> Entroacceptor: yeah
21:07:07 <stepkut> the happs-bot source is so old it is actually HAppS based :p
21:07:27 <stepkut> ACTION should put the source for happstack-ircbot up
21:07:29 <stepkut> I'll do that tomorrow
21:08:00 <stepkut> it is based on the source code for synthea, which logs this channel
21:08:13 <stepkut> actually, happstack.com and the synthea irc bot are the same application
21:08:28 <stepkut> someday I will figure out how that is useful :)
21:09:00 <Entroacceptor> oh, I've thought about doing that , too
21:09:11 <stepkut> Entroacceptor: doing what ?
21:09:20 <Entroacceptor> combining a bot and a webpage
21:09:37 <Entroacceptor> right now our bot adds to a database, which the web app reads
21:09:41 <Entroacceptor> (and vice versa)
21:10:00 <stepkut> ah
21:10:16 <Entroacceptor> irc as a frontend to the web is amazingly practical for a lot of purposes :)
21:10:28 <stepkut> happstack.com does not actually use a database at all yet.. but if it does that will make it easy for the bot and website to share the data
21:10:36 <stepkut> though with multimaster, they could be separate processes
21:10:44 <stepkut> gotta shower
21:11:05 <Entroacceptor> yep, that'd be cool
21:11:15 <Entroacceptor> for the time being, the web part is in django
21:28:09 <Lemmih> Woot woot, the stm dependency is going away.
21:28:20 <Lemmih> Might even make things a bit faster.
23:58:49 <stepkut> nice