02:39:13 <lpsmith> Is there a way to get gitit to bind to localhost only?
04:07:41 <stepkut> lpsmith: simpleHTTPWithSocket
04:08:34 <lpsmith> stepkut: yeah we already talked about that in #haskell :),  unless you are doing that for the benefit of this channel
04:08:42 <stepkut> lpsmith: :)
04:10:03 <stepkut> lpsmith: I did actually try to make a nicer interface that would allow you to specific ip addresses to bind to, etc. But it is messy because network exports different constructors depending on whether it was compiled with ipv6 or not and there is no good way to deal with that
04:10:24 <stepkut> perhaps the impending doom of ipv4 will fix that one way or another :)
04:18:05 <lpsmith> lol
04:18:30 <lpsmith> stepkut: out of curiousity,  do you have a critique for Snap in that regard?
04:18:42 <lpsmith> (I don't think we support IPv6 at the moment)
04:18:50 <lpsmith> so there you go :-D
04:20:41 <stepkut> :-D