11:07:19 <rostayob> stepcut, stepkut: it turns out that upskirt uses global variables and ugly stuff like that, so the bindings are not thread safe
11:15:12 <Lemmih> )-:
11:40:48 <rostayob> yeah
11:40:52 <rostayob> i'm quite sad as well (:
14:06:52 <HugoDaniel> what is upskirt ?
14:31:59 <stepkut> rostayob: suck
14:32:17 <stepkut> HugoDaniel: a markdown parser
14:33:09 <rostayob> stepkut: yeah, I'll try to fix it when i finish the exams
14:33:52 <Lemmih> Upskirt is about as googlable as Links.
14:34:50 <stepkut> http://hackage.haskell.org/package/upskirt-0.0.2
14:35:57 <Lemmih> Bah, that's no fun.
14:36:04 <Lemmih> ACTION heads to Google Image search.
14:54:03 <rostayob> eheh yes, the noise is high if you search for upskirt.
22:23:33 <mafs> Hmm
22:25:10 <stepkut> hmm
22:28:24 <Lemmih> Indeed.
23:39:09 <mafs> Yay, think I'll be doing a presentation on happstack at an upcoming meetup
23:40:52 <stepkut> epic!
23:42:45 <mafs> yeah, excited for it
23:42:54 <mafs> It'll also be my first Haskell talk, unless I do one before August
23:45:54 <stepkut> nice
23:46:03 <stepkut> let me know if you have any questions
23:47:11 <mafs> Thanks. I almost certainly will have some ;)
23:49:31 <stepkut> :)