04:24:29 <JuanDaugherty> it's not clear exactly which templating systems happstack supports
04:25:16 <mafs> http://happstack.com/docs/crashcourse/Templates.html#templates
04:25:47 <mafs> did you have a question about its support for a different one than listed there?
04:25:49 <JuanDaugherty> right that's what I meant
04:26:15 <JuanDaugherty> a simple damn list
04:26:32 <JuanDaugherty> in one sentence
04:26:52 <JuanDaugherty> so you don't have to read the entire article and make an implication
04:27:17 <JuanDaugherty> unambiguously stated
04:45:32 <stepcut> JuanDaugherty: HSP, BlazeHtml, Heist, Hamlet, HStringTemplate and JMacro (for javacsript)
04:45:49 <JuanDaugherty> stepcut, acknowledged.
04:47:36 <JuanDaugherty> also "boatload if" instead of "boatload of"
04:47:51 <stepcut> oops
04:48:02 <JuanDaugherty> what was used to produce the coloration?
04:48:12 <JuanDaugherty> (looks like vi)
04:48:28 <JuanDaugherty> is it yi?
04:48:42 <stepkut> fixed. I need to proofread the whole jmacro section tomorrow
04:49:01 <stepkut> I use HsColour and then fiddle with the colors till it looked ok
04:49:07 <stepkut> need to tone down the red a bit I think
04:49:32 <stepkut> I also need to submit a patch to HsColour to fix I different patch I sent
04:50:40 <JuanDaugherty> s/article/page/
04:51:45 <stepkut> oh, I thought s/article/page/ was a mistake I made in the JMacro docs at first :p
04:51:50 <stepkut> because it was original a blog post
04:51:58 <stepkut> that I decide to just turn into real docs
04:54:39 <mafs> Arr, so conflicted right now. Why can't there just be one Haskell web framework :x
04:54:42 <JuanDaugherty> no I was correcting my usage here
04:55:22 <JuanDaugherty> mafs, this and snap are still the leading contenders SFAIK
04:55:40 <mafs> Isn't Yesod fairly big too?
04:56:20 <JuanDaugherty> maybe, was a distant 3rd last I checked
04:57:00 <JuanDaugherty> but just my perception
04:59:36 <JuanDaugherty> it's not as if haskell was popular in people's day jobs outside of academe so you pretty much can choose your poison
04:59:52 <mafs> True
04:59:56 <mafs> but I do use Haskell at work
05:00:00 <stepcut> me too
05:00:11 <mafs> I still heavily favor Happstack, I think
05:00:13 <JuanDaugherty> also seems in this lang culture you ought to be able to abstract from all of them
05:00:21 <stepcut> mafs: me too!
05:00:26 <mafs> stepcut: by the way, thanks so much for that crash course
05:00:32 <mafs> If the other two would have one, choosing would be so much easier
05:00:39 <stepcut> mafs: no problem. I just have to write the other half of it :)
05:00:39 <mafs> since I could very quickly see some code of it in use
05:00:53 <mafs> I don't want to read tons of docs before deciding on one of the big three :/
05:01:18 <JuanDaugherty> mafs and you work in a commercial enterprise?
05:01:27 <mafs> JuanDaugherty: I own the company
05:01:37 <JuanDaugherty> ah, OK, corner case
05:01:44 <mafs> It's not a commercial enterprise in the sense of having a gigantically large team
05:02:04 <stepcut> time for me to stretch, later all!
05:02:07 <mafs> ciao
05:02:33 <JuanDaugherty> but you have employees?
05:03:26 <mafs> Not for this company; a lot of it is done with different teams and such
05:03:37 <JuanDaugherty> haskell comm does have some excellent documentation/guides/etc. but the general ethos is that you will read the code
05:03:54 <mafs> yeah, no doubt
05:03:58 <JuanDaugherty> teams that you hire on a subcontract basis?
05:04:02 <mafs> yeah
05:04:07 <JuanDaugherty> i c
05:04:25 <mafs> this company is fairly efficient and so doesn't need a lot of people
05:04:39 <mafs> (Developing services for businesses and such)
05:06:01 <JuanDaugherty> in de?
05:06:17 <mafs> de?
05:06:24 <JuanDaugherty> germany
05:06:30 <mafs> ah, no
05:06:31 <mafs> us
05:06:39 <JuanDaugherty> i c
21:39:31 <mafs> jaspervdj: http://mschade.me/html-conditional-comments-with-blaze-html
21:41:39 <jaspervdj> mafs: oh, hacky =)
21:41:55 <mafs> hehe, yeah. I felt a bit bad while writing it but I just had to finish
21:44:39 <jaspervdj> I can't directly think of a better way to do it
21:45:02 <jaspervdj> I would've gone with the preEscapedByteString solution, though, because it's easier to maintain from your perspective
21:45:12 <jaspervdj> but then again :-)
21:45:20 <mafs> Yeah, and I thought really hard about that
21:45:29 <mafs> My friend was writing some skeleton-related stuff too and he just went that route
21:45:40 <mafs> But--this way I at least got to know blaze a bit more!
21:45:47 <mafs> It really is nicely done
23:20:07 <mafs> python++