00:00:54 <balor> FOlder now has extremely broken auth http://darcsden.com/AidanDelaney/FOlder
00:01:25 <balor> http://darcsden.com/AidanDelaney/FOlder/changes for the changes
00:15:51 <stepcut> :)
00:16:07 <stepcut> balor: yeah, that is a bit of a accident. I need to move the IxSet instance elsewhere
00:16:29 <stepcut> balor: i think I might create a new dummy package called, ixset, that just has Data.IxSet and re-exports Happstack.Data.IxSet
18:53:25 <balor> stepcut, Here's how I've currently written my happstack-authenticate routes and an idea of how I'd like to write them http://hpaste.org/48562
18:54:00 <balor> (note, my current implementation has a bug that you can't get to the login page without authenticating)
18:58:20 <stepkut> yeah, I need to provide a default Site for the auth stuff
18:59:13 <stepkut> I always use it as part of a site that uses web-routes everywhere. But clearly it can be wrapped up nicely for people that don't want to use web-routes
19:00:30 <stepkut> authHandler would still need some extra arguments. It needs to know the authentication realm and the baseURI
19:00:54 <stepkut> and the path prefix
19:02:55 <stepkut> fortunately I plan to work on happstack-authenticate anyway. I need to get the facebook connect portion going.
19:03:08 <stepkut> so I can add the wrapper stuff too
19:23:30 <balor> stepkut, It's not a case that I don't want to use web-routes, but I just don't yet understand it.  I just feel that if happstack-auth dropped into the happstack-for-dummies tutorials more easily, you'd get a big win.
19:24:52 <stepkut> eventually all that stuff will be covered in the crash course
19:25:16 <stepkut> web-routes is actually the next thing on the table to be documented
19:25:33 <balor> ah
19:26:37 <balor> It looks like I can't create a web-route /foldr/login.  It has to have some capital letter somewhere like /foldr/X/login where X is a type constructor
19:26:38 <stepkut> but I definitely want to make happstack-authenticate accessible to people that do not want to use web-routes as well
19:27:02 <stepkut> there is no such restriction
19:27:13 <balor> ACTION needs to read more docs
19:27:43 <balor> I thought the U_Auth part of the url came from the "data SiteURL = U_Auth something"
19:28:24 <stepkut> yeah
19:28:35 <stepkut> there are many ways of converting a URL type into a string representation
19:28:39 <balor> ah
19:28:59 <stepkut> you can use TemplateHaskell to do it automatically, or generics, or quasi-quatation, or write your own parsers/printers by hand
19:29:37 <stepkut> that is one of the features of web-routes -- deciding what the URL should look like is completely decoupled from the rest of the system
19:30:16 <balor> That sounds good
19:30:38 <stepkut> generally I start by using $(derivePathInfo ''Url) because it is easy and I can change the URL type around a bunch. Once the URL type has settled down, I will create a custom mapping by hand that looks prettier
19:31:16 <balor> right.
19:31:36 <stepkut> but another option would be to write a different template-haskell converter or something. There is nothing to prevent you from doing that in userland
19:31:41 <balor> so I could take out the derivePathInfo and put in my own AuthURL instance
19:31:48 <balor> that makes sense
19:31:58 <stepkut> yeah
19:32:02 <balor> or SiteURL or whatever
19:32:30 <balor> No it would be that SiteURL is an instance of AuthURL?
19:33:03 <stepkut> SiteURL and AuthURL are types not classes
19:33:20 <stepkut> the only class is PathInfo -- though you do not have to use that class either
19:34:28 <balor> Or I could just AuthURL directly for my purposes, then I'd have /foldr/login
19:34:57 <stepkut> I am not sure what you mean
19:35:16 <balor> either am I
19:35:47 <balor> I want /foldr/login to be accessible and /foldr/* where * is not login, to require auth
19:36:05 <balor> But I should be working on my PhD
19:41:04 <stepkut> ah
19:41:58 <stepkut> personally, I don't like to do that, because you can get accidental collisions that way?
19:45:11 <balor> I'll cite my lack of experience on this one.  So you'd go for /foldr/profile/login?
19:45:24 <balor> or something that wasn't U_Auth :)
19:46:02 <balor> URLs /foldr/profile/login and /foldr/profile/view do make sense.
19:46:43 <balor> Which just means that I have to rewrite U_Auth, U_Profile etc... as "profile"
19:49:24 <balor> I suppose my real issue is making /foldr/U_Auth/* world accessible whilst hiding every other URL on the site
19:55:36 <balor> Or is that not a use-case for happs-authenticate?
20:40:44 <stepcut> you do not want any other URL accessible unless they have logged in ?
20:44:28 <stepkut> actually, I think you want any URL redirected to /foldr/profile/login when they are not logged in ?
21:12:15 <balor> stepkut, yes.  That's what I want.
21:12:34 <stepkut> one moment