04:03:17 <stepcut> mafs: how did the talk go ?
06:31:04 <mafs> stepcut: it went well, thanks for asking
06:31:28 <mafs> Most in the crowd didn't know Haskell, so some of the specifics went over their head, but I think I communicated the overall idea
06:31:37 <mafs> And the discussion afterward was pretty active with interest
06:33:00 <mafs> I did forget to record audio+video though, even after reminding myself to do so right before the talk started :(
07:28:55 <stepkut> heh
07:29:09 <stepkut> glad to hear it went well, too bad about the video
12:36:28 <siracusa> I want "/foo" to serve a file "/path/foo.png", which function should I use for this?
12:37:48 <siracusa> Where foo can be an arbitrary string
14:40:38 <siracusa> Ok, never mind
15:04:41 <stepkut> siracusa: serveFile
15:09:53 <siracusa> Well, the problem was that the foo part didn't match the file name exactly. So I used fromReqURI
15:11:18 <stepkut> dir "foo" $ serveFile (asContentType "image/png") "/path/foo.png"
15:11:45 <siracusa> But then foo is static
15:12:28 <stepkut> ah
15:13:53 <stepkut> path $ \foo -> $ serveFile (asContentType "image/png") ("/path" </> (takeFilename foo ++ ".png")) ?
15:14:37 <stepkut> that uses fromReqURI as well I guess :)
15:15:06 <stepkut> you need to be care though, to ensure that there are no ../.. things in the path when you do that
15:16:22 <siracusa> What instance of FromReqURI for foo ist that?
15:16:50 <stepkut> just String
15:17:31 <siracusa> Hhm, the Haddock docs don't list any instances
15:18:06 <stepkut> yeah.. I don't know what haddock stopped doing that :(
15:18:27 <stepkut> http://happstack.com/docs/6.0.0/happstack-server/src/Happstack-Server-Routing.html#FromReqURI
15:18:55 <stepkut> the instances are, String, Int, Integer, Float, and Double
15:19:01 <stepkut> plus anything you add
15:20:13 <siracusa> That nice, so I can remove my newtype wrapper :-)
15:20:18 <siracusa> * That's
15:23:19 <stepkut> :)
15:25:31 <stepkut> just make sure you bong the path 'fo' if it contains any '/' or the sequence '..'
15:48:51 <stepcut> 'foo'
17:05:26 <etarasov> http://iptadmin.confmgr.org/eng/about.html
17:05:46 <etarasov> the project is made using happstack
20:34:09 <stepcut> ooo
20:34:27 <stepcut> should I add a link on the happstack.com page?
20:50:05 <etarasov> stepcut: as you wish
20:52:01 <etarasov> In fact the program is not very well
20:53:02 <etarasov> it should be improved in many aspects
21:22:31 <stepcut> :)
21:22:44 <stepcut> i think that is probably true of most programs
22:10:23 <b52> hey fellas, i got a "view :: ServerPart Response", what do i need to do to use doesFileExist from System.Directory in my view function ?
22:15:20 <stepcut> liftIO