13:47:15 <HugoDaniel> hi
14:22:15 <mafs> Hi!
15:39:23 <b52> hellas
15:47:18 <b52> i got a list of FilePaths and want to transform the entries to tuple with the FilePath and the last modification date as parameters, since thats an io operation i cant use map right?
15:48:54 <dsfox> you can use mapM on IO operations
16:05:59 <b52> http://paste.pocoo.org/show/437049/
16:06:04 <b52> doesnt work like i thought it would
16:11:55 <dsfox> mapM (\entry -> let full_path = joinPath ["/etc", entry] in getModificationTime full_path >>= \ t -> return (entry, full_path, t)) entries
16:12:10 <dsfox> oops, I stuck in "/etc"
16:20:35 <b52> i moved into another function: http://paste.pocoo.org/show/437055/
16:20:48 <b52> but that also doesnt work :D
16:22:24 <stepcut> you could use getMetaData from Happstack.Server.FileServe.BuildingBlocks, and do, mapM (getMetaData base) entries
16:23:07 <stepcut> for you code I would change extendInformation to get the results for only one file entry:
16:23:16 <stepcut> > extendInformation :: FilePath
16:23:16 <stepcut>                   -> [FilePath]
16:23:17 <stepcut>                   -> IO (FilePath, FilePath, ClockTime)
16:23:17 <lambdabot>   Not in scope: `extendInformation'
16:23:30 <stepcut> then you can do, mapM (entendInformation base) entries
16:23:35 <stepcut> to get the information for all the entries
16:24:07 <b52> ah right
16:24:30 <b52> i cant fin getMetaData
16:27:46 <stepcut> oh, hmm. I guess it is not exported
16:27:48 <stepcut> maybe it should be
16:34:33 <stepkut> ok, I exported EntryKind, browseIndex, renderDirectoryContents, and renderDirectoryContentsTable and uploaded a new happstack-server 6.1.6
16:34:53 <stepkut> the api docs on happstack.com are not updated to reflect that though
16:35:01 <stepkut> but the docs on hackage should when the regenerate
16:39:22 <b52> ok
16:39:49 <b52> maybe that sounds a bit dumb but can i include css in haskell like i can do it with hamlet for html?
16:42:07 <stepcut> you could possibly use cassius, but I have not tried
16:42:32 <stepcut> I usually just keep my css in an external file -- though that leaves something to be desired
16:43:07 <stepcut> what is the motivation for wanting the css in haskell?
16:44:08 <stepcut> there are also libraries like simple-css which define haskell combinators for generating css
16:45:31 <stepcut> i am thinking that something like cleverCSS might be what I want, http://sandbox.pocoo.org/clevercss-hs/
17:24:37 <b52> http://paste.pocoo.org/show/437095/ hmm?
17:37:46 <stepkut> eLink returns a String?
17:38:17 <stepkut> you probably need to call toValue
17:39:05 <stepkut> to convert the String to an AttributeValue
18:00:17 <b52> yeah got that already
22:03:18 <mafs> reading through the web routes writeup
22:03:21 <mafs> very nice so far, stepkut
22:18:19 <mafs> Hmm
22:21:32 <stepcut> thanks!
22:24:53 <mafs> I don't care as much for the section lower in the page
22:25:05 <mafs> where you begin discussing route's type signature
22:25:19 <mafs> and then the type signature of (runRouteT route) and (mkSitePI (runRouteT route))
22:25:38 <mafs> That feels a bit more technical, whereas the first half of the document was practical.
22:26:16 <mafs> That content is good though, just might sit better in an appendix or something
22:26:21 <stepcut> the part about type families?
22:26:33 <stepcut> yeah, that should maybe be moved
22:26:48 <mafs> I'd say the same a bit above where you have this:
22:26:51 <mafs> > showURL :: URL (RouteT Sitemap (ServerPartT IO)) -> RouteT Sitemap (ServerPartT IO) String
22:26:51 <lambdabot>   Not in scope: type constructor or class `URL'Not in scope: type constructor...
22:26:55 <mafs> hush, lambdabot
22:27:00 <mafs> It's again good content, don't get me wrong
22:27:06 <mafs> but when I was first reading through it
22:27:13 <mafs> I got confused and had to reread the section
22:27:16 <stepcut> ah
22:27:44 <stepcut> yeah, I think I need to move that stuff into a separate section
22:27:48 <mafs> Yeah
22:28:00 <mafs> Or just make it clear, put it in a box or something, that says that it's not necessary to know this stuff
22:28:04 <mafs> It's definitely good background info
22:28:12 <stepcut> in disrupts the flow of understand web-routes and if you already know what type functions are, then you don't care about it
22:28:28 <mafs> but when you're first trying to figure out what web routes is and how it works, you (or, maybe just I) don't care as much about how the type signatures simplify
22:28:35 <mafs> yeah
22:34:40 <mafs> Finished the rest of the write up though. The end really ties it together well, I think
22:36:07 <stepkut> cool
22:36:56 <stepkut> yeah, I just need to make a note that, URL m, is a type function, and if you don't know what the means, go see this other section
22:37:11 <mafs> Yeah, that'd be perfect