00:07:36 <stepkut> mafs: updated happstack.com for you
00:10:54 <mafs> yay, thanks!
00:11:09 <mafs> Is the source for happstack.com somewhere?
00:18:14 <stepkut> yes
00:18:22 <stepkut> there is a link on the bottom of the page
00:18:47 <mafs> Oops, didn't even see that
00:18:49 <mafs> thanks :)
00:21:16 <stepkut> on the docs page, guestbook demo should be move into a new section called examples
00:21:23 <stepkut> and then we could also add the link to the happstack.com source
00:21:28 <stepkut> and the link to the happstack-imageboard
00:21:40 <stepkut> though happstack.com is not a shining example of good happstack code at the moment
13:35:16 <gienah> Lemmih: acid-state 0.4.2 fails to build with mtl-1 ghc 6.12.3, I'm not sure of the correct way to fix it, this is what I did:
13:35:21 <gienah> https://github.com/gentoo-haskell/gentoo-haskell/blob/master/dev-haskell/acid-state/files/acid-state-0.4.2-ghc-6.12.3.patch
13:39:40 <Lemmih> Hm.
13:40:38 <gienah> I'm not sure where to get the missing instances from with mtl-2, and I'm not sure if what I added is correct or not, it just makes it compile
13:41:00 <gienah> s/mtl-2/mtl-1/
13:41:32 <gienah> it compiles fine with mtl-2 ghc 7.0.4, its ghc 6.12.3 mtl-1 that has the problem
13:41:54 <Lemmih> Yeah, hm.
13:42:42 <Lemmih> Actually, I think the right solution would be to not derive Applicative on Update/Query with mtl-1.
13:43:07 <gienah> heh that's great, I'm glad you know a right solution :-)
13:43:13 <Lemmih> Either that or depending on mtl>=2.
13:43:49 <gienah> hmm, well if you depended on mtl-2 I'd probably hack it with my patch for gentoo :-)
13:43:58 <Lemmih> yeah.
13:48:04 <gienah> I only backpatch stuff that's fairly easy from mtl-2 back to mtl-1 though, if it required more extensive use of mtl-2 then that's fine, the gentoo ebuild would then just depend on mtl-2
13:48:26 <Lemmih> acid-state-0.4.3 uploaded to hackage.
13:48:41 <gienah> thanks, will try it :-)
13:53:50 <gienah> Lemmih: builds fine (with no patches) with both ghc 6.12.3 mtl-1 and 7.0.4 mtl-2, thanks, will bump it in the gentoo haskell overlay (removing my earlier patch)