15:38:43 <stepkut> that seems to be true of all the packages
15:39:07 <stepkut> now the server is running, but apache is not proxying
15:39:27 <dsfox> seereason.com started
15:39:41 <stepkut> now happstack.com is working
15:39:43 <dsfox> but it doesn't start on reboot, and I have to reboot
15:39:54 <dsfox> oh good, I didn't do anything
15:39:58 <stepkut> ah
15:40:11 <stepkut> apparently apache just takes a while to realize the server is back
15:40:26 <dsfox> if there is a big database that can take time to load
15:40:29 <stepkut> so, happstack.com used to upgrade properly.. I think it broke when upgraded to lucid maybe?
15:40:41 <stepkut> no, happstack.com has no database at all
15:40:55 <stepkut> when synthea joined the channel, the server was running again
15:40:56 <dsfox> register for your free happstack account!
15:41:20 <stepkut> but apache doesn't recognize it for a while for some reason
15:41:57 <stepkut> the bigger question is why the happstack.com init script is not working properly with upgrades anymore
15:42:09 <stepkut> creativeprompts has the same issue
15:42:30 <stepkut> but seereason.com actually works?
15:44:06 <dsfox> yes
15:44:26 <stepkut> so we just need to figure out what is different -- that makes things easier
15:44:27 <dsfox> the postinsts are different - happstack.com postinst is almost empty
15:44:45 <stepkut> k
15:46:10 <dsfox> Working:case "$1" in
15:46:10 <dsfox>   configure)
15:46:11 <dsfox>     # Apache won't start if this directory doesn't exist
15:46:11 <dsfox>     mkdir -p /var/log/apache2/seereason.com
15:46:11 <dsfox>     # Restart apache so it sees the new file in /etc/apache2/sites-enabled
15:46:11 <dsfox>     /etc/init.d/apache2 restart
15:46:11 <dsfox>     /etc/init.d/seereason-production start
15:46:12 <dsfox>     ;;
15:46:12 <dsfox> esac
15:46:22 <dsfox> not working:case "$1" in
15:46:22 <dsfox>   configure)
15:46:22 <dsfox>     mkdir -p /var/log/apache2/happstack.com
15:46:22 <dsfox>     ;;
15:46:22 <dsfox> esac
15:46:35 <stepkut> creativeprompts has no .postinst at all
15:47:43 <dsfox> It restarts apache because it installs a file in /etc/apache2/sites-enabled
15:48:10 <stepkut> yeah
15:48:14 <stepkut> would reload be enough?
15:49:26 <dsfox> worth a try