16:49:14 <rostayob> stepcut: yes let's try
16:50:30 <rostayob> stepcut: actually, wait. haskell's maxBound should work already (Int64 is signed)
16:50:57 <rostayob> stepcut: also, it depends on the browser, so you don't really know on the server what to serve
16:55:03 <rostayob> stepcut: ok, this is a mistery, maxBound :: Int64 doesn't work, but 10^19 does, and 10^19 is a bigger number.
16:57:22 <rostayob> also, I should work, ttyl :P
17:11:51 <rostayob> stepcut: in the chromium sources, they use a uint64 to store the max-age. so I'm pretty sure that's what's overflowing.
17:12:23 <Lemmih> swapper looks interesting. Not sure how it works exactly.
17:12:29 <rostayob> same in firefox
17:18:35 <rostayob> Lemmih: I'm looking at it now, it does look interesting
17:24:16 <rostayob> Lemmih: it assigns a token to each value you add, and wraps all the value in weaks pointers with the write to disk as finalizer
17:32:06 <rostayob> and it puts the tokens in the same functor as far as I can tell. so if the values of your functors are, to say, integers, this is not of much use
17:32:23 <rostayob> since the tokens are bytestrings
17:35:05 <rostayob> stepcut: anyway, got to go, I'll tell you if I find out more about the mysterious cookie!
21:30:43 <stepkut> Lemmih: yeah, I noticed it uses tokyo cabinet.. that's all I really know