13:50:28 <ocharles> stepcut: I have a boomerang that now generates type signatures
13:50:36 <ocharles> but I dunno anything about darc, so I don't know how you want the patch :)
13:52:48 <ocharles> also, http://hackage.haskell.org/package/boomerang is version 1.0.1, but darcs only has version 1.0.0
14:42:07 <stepcut> ocharles: oooo
14:42:34 <stepcut> ocharles: darcs record ; darcs send -o add_type_sigs.dpatch
14:42:43 <stepcut> it should prompt you for everything else
14:42:47 <ocharles> ok, cool
14:42:49 <stepcut> and then just email add_type_sigs.dpath to me
14:42:53 <ocharles> do you want to push 1.0.1 out first?
14:43:03 <stepcut> yeah..
14:43:05 <ocharles> just so I can make sure my changes work with that
14:45:21 <stepcut> pushed
14:45:31 <stepcut> it was just some updates to the descrpition in the .cabal file
14:45:33 <stepcut> nothing fancy :)
14:53:20 <ocharles> do you want me to email this patch to jeremy@seereason.com ?
16:00:13 <ocharles> stepcut: i'll take that as a yes :)
17:52:25 <stepcut> got it, thatks
17:52:29 <stepcut> I'll apply it later today
17:57:27 <ocharles> yay
17:57:50 <stepcut> I wondering how deriving the type signature affects our ability to add haddock documentation for the functions
18:52:25 <ocharles> hmm, not sure, but I don't think haddock is aware of them
19:10:21 <stepcut> haddock can only document things with type signatures :-/