01:40:33 <parcs`> there is no instance for Serialize (Tree a)
01:40:39 <parcs`> is this an oversight or something else?
02:39:01 <donri> hey look everyone what mightybyte just uploaded http://hackage.haskell.org/package/snaplet-acid-state
02:39:44 <donri> mightybyte: you should set the github as website so you can click your way there
02:46:23 <stepcut> :)
02:47:06 <donri> and rename it to snape-on-acid
05:52:21 <mightybyte> donri: Haha.
05:52:29 <mightybyte> What do you mean?  Set github as website?
05:52:33 <mightybyte> Oh, in the Cabal file?
05:59:51 <mightybyte> Fixed it in github.
06:00:07 <mightybyte> Don't want to upload a new version yet though.
15:24:16 <shahri> hi, when trying to install happstack-server via cabal, I get this error: http://pastebin.com/6ebc0h1F
15:24:19 <shahri> any suggestions?
15:30:49 <shahri> I don't know any Haskell so I really can't fix it myself if it's an actual bug and not caused by, for example, missing dependencies
16:55:06 <stepcut> what version of ghc?
17:09:49 <shahri> The Glorious Glasgow Haskell Compilation System, version 6.12.1
17:11:23 <shahri> holy shit that's old
17:12:26 <shahri> I'm trying to build on a vserver running Debian Squeeze...
17:13:07 <stepcut> hmm
17:13:30 <stepcut> perhaps 6.12 support has been lost.
17:13:54 <stepcut> it looks like we are using an instance, Monad (Either String), that is not available in 6.12
17:14:11 <shahri> then I'll upgrade and see if it works, thanks
17:14:25 <stepcut> 7.0 is the mostl likely to work
17:14:36 <stepcut> 7.4 will not work out of the box until later today
17:14:40 <stepcut> I have to apply some patches
17:14:47 <shahri> kk :P
17:15:02 <stepcut> 7.4 is not officially released yet. 7.2 was a tech preview that is kind of buggy.
17:55:09 <shahri> not really happstack-related but I might as well ask since I'm here: is there any way to reduce the RAM consumption in the linking phase, like telling GHC to omit certain optimisations?
17:55:41 <stepcut> try using gold
17:55:51 <stepcut> apt-get install gold
17:56:23 <shahri> thanks
18:45:34 <cheater> binutils-gold
18:47:01 <shahri> got it working, thanks :)
22:56:15 <stepkut> jaspervdj: is there some reason why Text.Blaze.Renderer.Text does not export renderHtmlBuilder (the way  .UTF8 does)