19:18:00 <donri> stepcut: the version requirement for unix in ircbot is messing things up for me i think
19:18:15 <stepcut> oh ?
19:18:21 <donri> package directory- requires unix-
19:18:23 <donri> package process- requires unix-
19:18:26 <stepcut> I am happy to change it :)
19:18:53 <donri> package directory- requires unix-
19:18:55 <donri> ???
19:19:13 <stepcut> :-/
19:19:18 <donri> cabal is so confusing
19:19:21 <stepcut> yes
19:19:38 <stepcut> but, it looks like directory and process are compiled against different versions of unix?
19:20:00 <stepcut> also, you perhaps have directory installed in your global package conf and your user package conf?
19:20:01 <dcoutts> http://www.haskell.org/cabal/FAQ.html#dependencies-conflict
19:20:23 <donri> http://hpaste.org/56391
19:21:33 <stepcut> if you can confirm that ircbot builds against unix 2.4 I can lower the bounds
19:21:36 <stepcut> I suspect it does
19:22:05 <donri> i'm not even sure that's the problem, or is it?
19:23:00 <stepcut> not directly..
19:23:13 <stepcut> looks like something funny happened with your cpphs?
19:23:31 <stepcut> what does, ghc-pkg check, say?
19:23:39 <donri> nothing
19:23:47 <stepcut> well.. that's a good sign :)
19:24:43 <donri> well it builds without ircbot dependency, and fails with that dependency
19:25:01 <stepcut> ah
19:25:14 <donri> i've tried clean builds with and without OS packages installed etc
19:25:41 <stepcut> well, if I lower the unix bounds, and you build everything against unix 2.4.2 that could work
19:34:22 <donri> sure, let's try it
19:37:32 <stepcut> uploaded 0.1.5
19:57:03 <donri> it builds \o/
19:57:06 <donri> thanks
20:10:44 <stepcut> sweet!
20:10:59 <stepcut> now we just gotta fix that nick registration problem
20:28:10 <donri> would be useful to have more sensible defaults in nullBotConf and nullUser
20:28:36 <donri> port = Just $ PortNumber 6667
20:28:49 <donri> hostname = ".", servername = "."
20:29:10 <donri> (dots work and you don't have to specify anything else)
20:29:45 <donri> (but empty strings result in incorrect protocol)
20:30:33 <donri> hey maybe i could try my hand at patches for these
20:30:43 <stepcut> sweet!
20:33:32 <donri> why is port a Maybe?
20:34:48 <donri> oh there's a fromMaybe for port 6667
20:34:56 <donri> but it refused to connect for me without me setting the port, hm
20:35:22 <donri> or was it because my user was wrong, let's see
20:36:45 <donri> yep, it works fine
20:37:55 <donri> seems a little weird though to have it be a Maybe and set the default via fromMaybe instead of just having nullBotConf default to PortNumber 6667?
20:41:07 <stepcut> hmm
20:41:21 <donri> just a thought :)
20:41:55 <stepcut> yeah
20:42:07 <stepcut> I guess we have two defaults there..
20:42:22 <stepcut> the defaults you get if you set it to Nothing versus the defaults if you use the nullBotConf
20:42:33 <donri> well nullBotConf is set to Nothing
20:42:44 <stepcut> even worse !
20:42:50 <donri> :)
20:43:35 <stepcut> i am ok with making it not a Maybe value
20:43:39 <donri> now how do you fork a repo on patchtag
20:44:50 <stepcut> dunno.. usually you don't
20:45:12 <stepcut> you just use your local repo, and then darcs send the patches upstream
20:45:27 <stepcut> unless you plan to have a long lived fork
20:45:44 <stepcut> but if you just  want to send a few patches upstream, making a fork is overkill..
20:45:54 <donri> ok wtf is this trying to send an email or something now
20:46:09 <donri> dear god just let me use github *whiney developer*
20:46:36 <donri> ok it might have sent a patch now, i don't know
20:46:47 <donri> Successfully sent patch bundle to: jeremy@n-heptane.com.
20:46:53 <stepcut> :)
20:47:02 <stepcut> assuming your sendmail is configured to actually work
20:47:18 <donri> i don't want to need to think about sendmail darnit -.-
20:47:33 <stepcut> if not, you can do, darcs send -o /tmp/somepatches.dpatch and send it yourself
20:48:18 <donri> did you receive anything?
20:48:25 <stepcut> not at this time
20:48:40 <donri> lovely
20:49:38 <stepcut> :)
20:50:27 <stepcut> if you really want to make a fork, I think you go here, https://patch-tag.com/reposstarted, and just put in official repo as the clone url
20:50:57 <stepcut> you can email thomas hartman and complain that it should be easier/more obvious.. there is ongoing development on the project
20:51:23 <stepcut> there is no reason the github workflow couldn't be used with darcs
20:51:32 <donri> Server error: please use only numbers, letters, '-', and '_'.
20:51:36 <donri> yeaaaaaaaa
20:51:41 <stepcut> and since a lot of people are familiar with github. it wouldn't hurt to copy it
20:52:13 <donri> i'm going to yell at you untill you accept Git and GitHub as your Lord and Savior, you know
20:52:43 <donri> [github *all* the code!]
20:55:32 <donri> so anyway https://patch-tag.com/r/dag/ircbot/snapshot/hash/20120112204258-6eb02-ed7445f156897f21a502c362800dcc12a5030620/patch
20:55:43 <donri> might try my hand at removing that Maybe too
20:57:23 <donri> which should probably mean a major version bump like 0.2, though maybe i'll leave that up to you
20:57:59 <stepcut> I heard the only good thing about git is github
20:58:58 <stepcut> pulled/pushed
21:00:30 <donri> well i quite like git itself too, it's fast and flexible
21:01:55 <donri> i feel in control of my history with git, with others i feel like i'm under the mercy of whatever someone thought made sense
21:02:32 <donri> (and maybe they'd be right, but maybe i don't care in that particular moment :))
21:07:36 <donri> and small stuff like git clean -fdx = clean repo. i asked #darcs how to do that and the best answer was "make a patch and obliterate it, but it might take hours to complete"
21:11:18 <donri> and stuff like commit --amend and add -p and rebase -i (but maybe darcs has these)
21:13:57 <stepcut> darcs record-amend ?
21:14:09 <stepcut> what does add -p do ?
21:14:29 <stepcut> sorry, amend-record
21:14:43 <stepcut> ACTION doesn't even have git installed :-/
21:15:05 <stepcut> also never had the feeling that my history was out of control
21:16:43 <donri> add -p let's you commit parts of changes to a file instead of all changes at once
21:18:11 <stepcut> ah
21:18:32 <stepcut> if you do, darcs record, by default it ask you to confirm and deny each hunk
21:18:43 <stepcut> or, -a, to just add everything
21:18:44 <donri> ok
21:19:54 <donri> haha in my feed reader right now http://blip.tv/open-source-developers-conference/git-for-ages-4-and-up-4460524
22:11:41 <donri> stepcut: https://patch-tag.com/r/dag/ircbot/snapshot/hash/20120112221206-6eb02-8a5b088032f322909625213318aabec64aff6c70/patch verified to build in cabal-dev
22:11:52 <donri> you might want to bump the version for a type change
22:11:58 <donri> major*
22:13:32 <donri> how about using hslogger for logging like happstack so they can be configured together in the same process?
22:22:31 <donri> forgot to update the demo bot
22:25:34 <donri> fix pushed
22:50:06 <donri> gnight